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Pokemon Regular Cheats

Kangaskan From MissingNo.
Feed a rare candy to a MissingNo. and it will evolve into a Kangaskan.

Find a glitch! here's what you do: 1. SURF on the right coast at CINNABAR ISLAND. 2. Fight a pokemon that has poison powder, poison gas etc., etc.. 3. When it flickers, estimate the amount of time in between 4. Right when it flickers, immediately get off .u will walk on water of 1,2 or 3 sec. American Versions

Get 99 of Any Item (Without a GameShark!) Get 99 of an item All you gotta do is go to the man who shows you how to catch a caterpie in the beginning of the game. (also the man who drinks coffee who guards the path at the beginning of the game. He's above Viridian City. Well anyway talk to him and when he says "are you in a hurry?" Say no and he will show you how to
catch a caterpie. Change your sixth item in your item list to the item you want 99 of. So it would be item 1, item 2, item 3, item 4, item 5, item to be duplicated, and so on. Then fly over to Cinnabar Island. Go to the east side of it and surf half on water and half on land. Up and down until you find a Missingno. Don't catch it i heard it is a virus. well anyway after you defeat it or run away from it their will be 99 of the items in the sixth item in the item list. 

Missingno.; Pokemon #000 First have a pokemon with surf and surf up and down the east coast of cinnabar islands. Before
you can fight Missingno. you have to go in the first door inside the
pokemon lab on Cinnabar Island and trade with one of the trainers in there. Eventually you might fight called missingo. It does lots of damage but is easy to kill. it looks like a mass of dots flying around. just throw balls at it to catch it. Be warned, having this pokemon can crash your game and stuff up the graphics (all your Pokemon and the enemy Pokemon can get all warped). it is number 000 in the pokedex and doesn't haven't an entry. it has
a high attack but all its other status are really low. If you don't want to risk your game don't catch it, but it only appears once. 

Fight Safari Pokemon Elsewhere: To fight and capture Safari Zone Pokemon outside of the park, first go into the park. Let the time run out when you're standing in a patch of grass
which holds the Pokemon you want to catch. Step back outside and use FLY to Fly back to Cinnabar Island. Using SURF, surf up and down the right side of the shoreline, where you are half on shore and half in the water. You should then enter some battles with Safari Zone Pokemon! No more bait or rocks! It's sleep and Psybeam time! This also works with other areas of the game where you find wild Pokemon. Experiment and see what happens! 

Clone Pokemon (US): You need a friend for this. Trade the pokemon to be cloned and have you friend get a pokemon they don't care about. Trade them, and make sure the person getting the weak and common pokemon can see the other's screen. When the receiver of the good pokemon's screen says "waiting", turn off the Game Boy that's getting the bad pokemon. When the other one says trade completed, turn that one off too. When you turn the games back on, you should both have the powerful pokemon, but the weak Pokemon will be lost. Warning! This could delete a saved game or your Pokemon! 

Sleeping code! 
If you have a pokemon who has Rest or if you can get tm44, your pokemon can restore all his/her hit  points (HP), in a span of 2 turns! Simply use Rest during battle (the pokemon will fall asleep), then during your next turn, play the Poke Flute (Obtained when you save Mr. Fuji from the tower in the Pokemon Tower) your pokemon will wake up ready to go! 

Legendary Birds 
Of all the legendary birds I've found Zapados is the easiest to capture (which isn't saying much!) sence it is possible to capture it when it has nothing wrong with its status (such as sleep or paralyze) and it is possible to capture it when it's health bar is more then just a sliver. Once you have captured Zapados you can use it to quickly lower the health level of Articuno and Moltres (for these last two I needed to reduce their defense or make them go to sleep to even hit them with a pokeball). 

Badge Locations) 
1) Location: PEWTER CITY: Leader: BROCK 
2) Location: CERULEAN CITY: Leader: MISTY 
3) Location: VERMILION CITY: Leader: LT. SURGE 
4) Location: CALEDONIA CITY: Leader: ERIKA 
6) Location: FUCHSIA CITY: Leader: KOGA 
7) Location: SAFFRON CITY: Leader: SABRINA 
8) Location: VIRIDIAN CITY: Leader: GIOVANNI 

Moon Stones 
There are five Moon Stones, three of which are visible, two of which are not. 
1) In the upper-left hand corner of the first floor of Mt. Moon. 
2) In the basement of the game corner. 
3) In the bottom right corner of Route 2 (CUT). 
4) In Mt. Moon, before the super nerd's platform, there is a corridor 4 spaces long and 1 space wide, go to the end of it and press A and poof! you have a Moon Stone. 
5) In the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, go up to the right side of one of the pillars on the right hand side near the entrance hit A and it will say you found a Moon

Unlimited chances to catch rare pokemon Save before fighting. if it dies or you run away DON'T SAVE. Instead restart

The following codes may not work: 

Infinite items 
Okay, First go to the Guy in Viridian City who shows you how to catch pokémon. them fly over to Cinnabar Island and surf on 50% water 50% land. It might not come the first time but keep surfing up and down until you see a MissingNo. now either beat or run from it and you will have a little mark beside your sixth item indicating that it's infinite. (Be sure to put a good
item on number six in your item screen. Ex. Master ball, Rare Candy) 

Gone Fishing 
While in the hidden dungeon fish like 3 times at the spot where mewtwo is and you will find gyarados level 70! 

Catch MissingNo. 
First you have to catch a ponyta from the Poke Mansion (Cinnabar Island) Next you trade the professor in the third door of the Lab he will want a ponyta in exchange for a seel named Sailor .Do this. After that you teach Sailor, Surf and surf up and down the east side of Cinnabar Island. You should get a black screen that later 3 to 4 sec. Missingno. will appear. Keep in mind we will always look distorted because he is invincible and that their easy to kill so I suggest using a L20-L30 and using an Ultra Ball WARNING
there are 3 different types of Missingno. 1 is type 1 flying type 2 normal this is the only one that will not mess up your saved game after you save it. If you catch a different type DO NOT KEEP HIM IN YOUR GAME!!! HE WILL MESS IT UP!! 

Green Pikachu 
you have to have gameboy color catch a pikachu and go to the name changer and nickname pikachu pikachan! 

Easy Ditto 
Catch ditto easily by making him turn into magikarp. 

High Level Pokémon 
First fly to the city where the old guy would not let u pass till he got his coffee and talk to him say no for being in a rush and listen to him then fly to cinnabar island and surf along the right coast till you find one at or over 145. and u can use rare candies to get the pokemons power up but it only goes to 255 before it gets to 0. 

Master Ball Code 
First go into battle, and throw a poke ball, great ball, or ultra ball. as soon as the ball leaves your hand, press and hold B and up. then as the ball snaps shut press and hold A while still holding B and up. 

Fight Safari Zone Pokemon at Cinnabar Island 
First make your way into the area of the Desired pokemon at Safari Zone, waste all your time there, fly to Cinnabar Island and surf on the right side of the gym. DON'T GO ANY FARTHER OUT THAN IT TAKES YOU!! Surf Up and down the Island and eventually Safari Zone Pokemon will appear. 

Stronger Pokéball 
If you hold down the A button as soon as the poke a ball closes it will shut tighter and most of the time catch the pokemon. 

S.S. Anne Trick 
Get HM 01 from the captain. Don't leave the ship, but fight a trainer. Lose and you will end up at a poke center. The S.S. Anne hasn't left yet. 

Better Chances 
Better chance at slot machine hold select 

Unlimited Money 
Do the 99 of any item trick, then go to any pokemart sell 99 of that item and keep repeating it until you have the maximum amount of money. Repeat as often as necessary. Always keep 1. This code works 

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