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Pokémon Village is growing! We're looking for websites to join our network of hosted sites, with an emphasis on providing top-level hosting services and technical support.

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We're now taking applications for free hosting of any Pokémon, DragonBall Z, Digimon, Sailor Moon or other anime web sites. Send us your current URL (if available), and a little about your site, and we'll respond within 2 or 3 days!

All of the services below are negotiable, depending on the size of your site.


  • From 10MB to 100MB, depending on the size and quality of your site, and it's daily traffic
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  • You must have FTP experience. We won't teach people how to use FTP, which is required to upload your website to our server. Some website hosting companies use HTTP based file uploading, we do not!
  • Run our full-sized banner (with a simple SSI #include statement which we'll provide with your account information) somewhere on the top of each of your pages
  • Add a second include file to your pages, which will contain a Pokémon Village Network logo and up to 2 other images, with a simple SSI #include statement.
  • Update your site at least on a weekly basis.


  • No ROM's or other licensed software is to be made available for download
  • No MP3's or other copyrighted property
  • Absolutely no pornography or foul language
  • Third party advertising, while not permitted by default, may be approved by Pokémon Village staff upon request

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