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Pokémon Snap Review
Submitted by Stuff

This game was everything I expected it to be. Great graphics, fun game everything. Story line: Professor Oak has found a hidden island filled with 63 different types of pokemon. He wants to do a report on them because it's so hard to find so many wild pokemon together in their natural habitat. He doesn't want to use a pokemon trainer because they might be tempted to capture the pokemon. So he chooses YOU! You are Todd and you must find and take pictures of all 63 pokemon on the island through 7 different levels. By now you're probably saying, "Oh yeah, big challenge, look around and press a button". Well my good friend, if you said that you are WRONG!! There are pokemon everywhere and you have to find out how to get them to come out and/or do tricks. The professor will grade one pic of each type of pokemon you found according to the following stats:

Special: Is it a graveler group dance, is it a surfing pikachu, etc.
Size: How close was the pokemon to the camera?
Pose: Is it roaring? Has it been hit on the head? Does it look peaceful, etc
Other pkmn: Are there other pkmn in the pic?
Techniques: If the pokemon is in the center of the frame your score is doubled
Total: This is your total score

Through the game the professor gives you special objects like the pokeflute that makes some pokemon dance, pester balls to get pokemon out of their hiding spots and apples that will make pokemon do special poses to show they are happy.

There are more twists and turns in the plots but you have to find them out for yourself. If you have an N64, go to a video store and get "Pokemon Snap". You can beat it real easy but you will want to see if you can get the perfect picture of a pokemon (10,000 points).

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