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    Pokemon Snap is the first Pokemon game on the Nintendo 64. It has some good qualities, it has some good singleplayer graphics, but this game is quite odd. In the following review I will tell you about the game and what it contains. The game is a single player game that is very short for the basic objectives.

    The game has one main objective: to take pictures of the 64 Pokemon in the game. Why only 64? I don't know... The other objectives are to take pictures of the Pokemon "signs," also to a lesser extent ... get perfect scores for all of the Pokemon pictures. Because there many good features left out of this game, the game has a very low replay value.

    The graphics are pretty good. This is one of the games highest strong points. The Pokemon are all colorful, well drawn, and animated. The character animations are smooth and there is no choppiness. Magikarp splashes, Pikachu waves, and Jigglypuff floats. The levels are nicely drawn and colored. The levels are varied and well done.

    The sounds are good. All of the Pokemon say their name, and they are all crystal clear. They used some of the voice actors from the TV show to put the Pokemon's voices in the game. The music is good for the settings. But it gets annoying and repetitive. The SFX are good too, there are good ambient sounds, and more! Not bad, but could use a little improvement!

    The controls are simple, but there are no real speed controls. "A" with trigger is used to take pictures. "A" normally tosses Pokemon food (aka: and apple), "B" tosses a pester ball. Bottom "C" uses the PokeFlute, Top "C" uses the Turbo Engine, and the two side "C" buttons are used to pivot in the P1.

    Nintendo did a great job on everything except the replay value. Once you finish the game, there is nothing else to do. If Nintendo didn't make this on a rail, and you could just walk around, it would be much more fun. Also, if they added a multiplayer mode where you had two people going against each other to see who could get the most pictures, THAT would be fun.

    The game has great graphics, good sound, and easy controls, these are this games strong points. But once you are done with the game, you are done. I beat the initial part of the game in two hours! I didn't have good Pokemon picture scores, but the fun left the game as soon as it was beat. All they had to do was not put it on a rail and let you walk around freely. A multiplayer mode would have been nice, but it is none existent. Nintendo really screwed up in the fun part of this game, but if you want to fork over $50 for a game that you will be in a few hours, be my guest.


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