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    The first good Pokemon game is on the Nintendo 64. Even though Pokemon Snap was released before, that game was frankly...not good. But now in Pokemon Stadium, the graphics and controls are almost the best of any game released during the time periode. But this game isn't what everyone expected it would be be. It has a lot of high points, but it also has its lows.

    Pokemon Stadium is a great game with tons of replay value. There are minigames, team battles, tons of soloplayer modes, and the GB Tower where you can actually play the Game Boy Pokemon games (Red/Blue/Yellow). With the Transfer Pak, which is included, you can load your own Pokemon teams from your GameBoy games and this allows you to play Pokemon Tower. Don't have the GameBoy game? No need to fear! The Rental Pokemon are here! Yup, they have 149 rental Pokemon in game, all of which are level 50! You can also unlock Mewtwo, but there is no Mew. Each have their own attacks, which are all beautifully done.

    The graphics are amazing, they are colorful, well drawn, and nicely animated. The attacks look so good, you would swear it was really happening. The backgrounds are not the greatest, but they do. The Pokemon are nice greatly colored, they look nothing like you have ever seen in any other Pokemon game. Also, judged by their name, the Pokemon are different shades of their normal color, which is a really nice touch. The controls in this game are just as nice as the graphics.

    The controls are simple, Nintendo didn't use the analog stick in most of the game, but who needs it? You are only going to be selecting what you are going to do. The only time when you use the stick is in some of the minigames. The controls are basic, you use the "C" buttons in battle one you press trigger to select your attacks. And the "C" buttons with R to change your Pokemon. Its just that simple. The controls are great, but I can't say the same for the sound.

    The sounds in this game are just sad. The announcer is horribly and repetitive. He will end up saying things like "It looks like there will be a Pokemon change" everytime you change your Pokemon. Also, the Pokemon don't even make noises. They only use their annoying roars from the GameBoy games. Which is really uncool because people want to hear what they sound like in the TV Show. Also, the music is good but highly repetitive. It ends up getting very annoying after the first five minutes. Nintendo did a really sorry job in this section of the game.

    The Transfer Pak makes a big difference in gameplay. With it you can use your teams from the GameBoy games. You can also play the Pokemon GB games on the N64! Not only that, but you can also store you Pokemon items on the N64 cart! Even more, if one of your friends has the Transfer Pak as well, you can trade with them! No link cable needed! The Transfer Pak is included, and that aint bad!

    The multiplayer is very fun, there are tons of minigames just like in Mario Part. Also, you can have two to four player Pokemon battles. Or you and a friend can fight the computer. This is going to be the primary way you play the game, this is frankly the best part of it as well. With all of the different ways to play multiplayer, you will have plenty of fun!

    This game is fun, very fun. The graphics and controls are better than almost anything I have seen. The Pokemon's attacks are amazing. With all of the minigames and multiplayer options, you will have tons to do with just the multiplayer. The soloplayer modes are plentiful as well, there are many different ways to play the game. And since the Transfer Pak is included, you can do many more things when you upload your Pokemon from the GameBoy games. And you can even store Pokemon and Items on your N64 game! I suggest any Pokemon fan buy this game, it comes with tons of things and it is only $60. Which is a really good buy considering all of the sweet features in this game!


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