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    Pokemon Yellow is one of those games that stand out! It is the same map wise in the Pokemon world. But there are tons of new things to do and new challenges await! In this review of Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition!

    The new PokeDex and Pokemon images are superb! They look much better then the originals. That is very good, it offers new things to see. But a great feature is you can print out the PokeDex and the Pokemon in each box. That offers people who want to show off the new Pokemon images a chance to do that without endangering their actual game. But with the GBC it offers something new, more color then the original Blue or Red hues. The Pokemon have their own colors and so do each town. The color is perfect for the game and really makes it show out.

    Graphics are now compatable with GameBoy Color, this being the first true Pokemon game to have semi-color. The game uses about eight colors total. The game sprites have a good look to them, and they are pleasing to the eye. Even on the regular GameBoy or GameBoy Pocket, the game still is very pleasing to the eyes.

    The sounds are perfect for the game. Offering the same music, but now there is a feature that you can change to the headphone type sounds. Which lets you experience the music in a new way. You can hear the music better and notice new things in the music you cannot really hear without the headphones. But something very good is that when you talk to your Pikachu it says "Pikachu" or "Pika Pika". It adds alittle something new to the game.

    The controls are the same as Red/Blue. That was a good thing. I think that is all you need to know. They are easy to use and suit the game perfectly. A good game needs to have good controls and they show off in this game. The game is in my opinion better then Red/Blue.

    The game is the same "Gotta Catch Them All" game. There is 151 or 152 Pokemon programed in the game. Surfing Pikachu is one of them. But Mew is not to be normally catched, but if you have a GS and the code the Mew is yours. All in all this game is a superb game. The controls are great and the new graphics are fun to see. I suggest this game for beginners, but the ones who are "PokeWizards" will feel right at home too. Check it out, it is a great game. Remember, Blockbuster is now renting out GameBoy and GameBoy Color games. So if you want try it out!


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