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Pokemon Trading Card Game--Rules

Submitted by Mario

How many times do you say "I wanna make a deck, But how? We got all the answers right here. Here are all the rules you need to know. We will soon make this more of an advanced page soon. As for now, this is basicly it.

How many Cards In a Deck?
Only 60 Cards Are allowed in a deck, Why? Because its unfair to have so many cards and everything, more reasons coming soon

How many same cards are allowed?
4 of the same cards are only aloud, However, you may have up to as many energys as you want! Why is this a rule? Bacause what if someone gots 10 blastoises or something, thats not fair!

How do i use damnage counters?
Ok, Tons of ways people use them, I use them like this, blue counters are worth 10 hp, and yellow is 20 hp.... However, The real way is blue counters 10 hp and yellow is poisoned! Why we use counters? Because its easy for people not to cheat!

Does a fake card count?
Ok, A fake card does not count as a real card, if your cought with a fake card, The other person gets a prize! So if i were you, don't cheat..Why is this a rule? Fake cards is not the true way of a real battle and is cheating!

More Coming soon!

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