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Episode Guide

Double Trouble Header
This episode begins where like always Ash, Misty, and now new, Brock, are walking in to a new area in which they will find Danger, Fun, Excitment, and Challenges. Next, a girl named "Casey" apears, and both ash and Casey would like to battle. Ash's first and only Pokemon was Charizard, who now listens to him. Casey then picks, Pidgey as her first Pokemon. Ash, then remembers of his Pidgey as he had long ago, and makes fun of Casey. Casey starts first with a whirlwind attack, but it doesn't attack Charizard at all. Then, Charizard, blows some wind outta his nose which defeats little Pidgey. Then Casey brings out wittle Rattata, who thens uses tackle on Charizard. Rattata goes! Only to be deafeated as is skull hits Charizard's plungering body. Brock and Misty, caution Casey, that it is very low chance that she could win...but because, of what her father and grandfather told her, she wont give up. Then she picks the new, CHIKORITA. Chikorita takes it's vines and rappes them around Charizard's neck *Yawn* but Charizard, looks up and down. Ash tells Charizard to Use flame througher but to go easy on it. Charizard does just that, and that bruitally makes Chikorita faint. As Casey finds all her Pokemon Fainted, and Ash still standing with one Pokemon She Runs, Runs, Runs, as she cries. Thinking that she isn't a winner all because her Granderfaher, Father, and her whole town told her she was a winner, and she lost. !SheFalls!. Then gets up and says to herself "I can win"! Then Jessy and James the noutorius Team Rocket appears next to Casey. "Ash Cheated", says Jessy. "But, Jessy we cheat all the time", says James. "Quite", Jessy remarks. Huh? Casey is confused. "Ash, cheated?", said Casey. Jessy replies with yes. Jessy then says "Everyone knows you cant use a Charizard against a new Trainer". (lie). Then Casey and ash have a rematch at a nice gym field, which was inturupted my Team Rocket. Team Rocket then takes Pikachu and Chickorita. Bloudy, Bloudy. Ashes, Brock, Misty, and Casey. All stand up to the big bad bullies and get there little Pokemon Back. Isn't that what always happenes? Anyway...then the trainers go there sepret ways with there little mushy good-byes. Ash, Brock, and Misty continue on there Journy.

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