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Episode Guide

Episode 4: Challenge of the Samurai
Wandering the Viridian Forest, our heroes meet up with a mysterious young Samurai. Continually polishing his skills as a Pokémon Trainer by challenging all trainers that pass through the forest, he now sets his sights on Ash. Their Pokémon battle begins, Metapod against Metapod. Just when it seems a victor will never emerge, a swarm of Beedrill attacks, causing a delay in the battle. The samurai is first to flee for shelter. Ash tries to recall his Metapod into a Poké Ball, but just misses this seemingly helpless Pokémon as it is being whisked off by the Beedrill. Our heroes manage to escape, aided by Pikachu’s electric shock, but Metapod is nowhere to be seen. The search begins.

They finally discover Metapod conspicuously resting in a nest of Kakuna about to hatch into Beedrills. Ash attempts to rescue Metapod, but Team Rocket arrives on the scene, interfering with his plans. The noise of their conflict arouses the sleeping Metapod, who evolve into swarming Beedrill eager to attack our heroes. Ash rescues Metapod, leaving the members of Team Rocket, who are oblivious to any danger, as decoys. In the meantime, Metapod throws its body in front of an attacking Beedrill to protect Ash from its piercing stinger. As a result, it’s shell is torn open, transforming the brave Metapod into the beautiful Butterfree. Under Ash’s direction, Butterfree uses Sleep Powder to put the Beedrill swarm, as well as Team Rocket to sleep. Our heroes part company with the young samurai, leaving him in awe of Ash’s dexterous handling of a Butterfree in battle.

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