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Episode Guide

Showdown in Pewter City
As they approach the entrance to Pewter City, our heroes meet a strange and enigmatic old rock-seller named Flint. When he learns that Ash is a Pokémon Trainer in training, Flint strategically directs them to the town Pokémon Center knowing they will come across information that will help Ash progress in his journey. Ash discovers that in order to participate in the Pokémon League Championships, he must gather badges earned only by defeating Pokémon Gym Leaders. He heads directly to the Pokémon Gym and challenges the Gym Leader, Brock, but suffers a terrible defeat. Flint encourages the disappointed Ash and provides him with some insight into Brock’s unusual situation. Brock must raise 10 brothers and sisters, all by himself, leaving him no foreseeable way in which to realize his dream of participating in the Pokémon League. Though Ash’s image of Brock, the powerful Gym Leader, crumbles, his desire to earn a badge is unchanged. Preparing to challenge Brock a second time, Ash gives Pikachu a unique, intense training session. Will the new improved Pikachu be victorious the second time around, and will Brock experience a twist of fate enabling him to fulfill his dream of participating in the Pokémon league?

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