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Episode Guide

Princess Versus Princess
As Ash, Misty, and Brock enter a town the notice a big festival going on. Misty remembers its Princess Parade Day. Misty takes Ash and Brock with her shopping, because there is sales for only girls. As Team Rocket is looking at Pikachu, a lickatung appears and Jesse captures it. Misty and Jesse start fighting over a dress when an anouncement comes up saying the Princess Parade Queen Contest was about to start. It has been both Misty's and Jesse's dream to become a Princess Parade Queen. When Misty and Jesse get to the contest they find out its a pokemon tournament. Misty, knowing she can't win, asks to use Ash's and Brock's pokemon. Ash and Brock finally agree. Misty and Jesse beat everyone and fight each other in th finals. Misty faints all of Jesse's pokemon except Lickitung. Lickitung faints all of Misty's pokemon except for psyduck and then psyduck wins.

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