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Episode Guide

It's Mr. Mime Time!
Ash walked around end saw a Mr. Mime. He ask it's Pokedex: "Mr.Mime, a Rare Pokemon." it responded.

"I want to have him!" say's Ash. "Stop!!! Please let me catch Mr.Mime?!"
"No!" say's Brock.

But Mr.Mime ran away. "Why you want a Mr.Mime?" ask's Brock.
"Because in my Pokémon Circus my Mr.Mime don't listen any more.", a circus trainer told Brock.

They wentto the Circus end saw the Mr.Mime.

Brock has an idea. Ash must perform as Mr.Mime to help the circus trainer show her Mr. Mime, who won't respond to it's trainers instructions!

As the show begin's Ash came up. But on that moment came Team Rocket end steal Mr. Mime (Ash)! Ash goes with them on their balloon end Team Rocket stays in a Bungalow.

The Real Mr.Mime came by Ash mom's house end Ash's mom think's that is Ash.

Later the Real Ash comes and Mr.Mime stay's by Ash's mom.

Team Rocket came by the circus with a Tanker and the 2 Mr. Mime's Make much walls and Team Rocket couldn't escape! Together they defeat Team Rocket and the Mr. Mime decides to stay with the circus.

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