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Episode Guide

The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis
Ash and Brock trained for the Pokemon League. Pikachuand Vulpix attacked but a Jigglypuff stood in the way.

Vulpix and Pikachu hit a Other Mountain and the Mountain exploded. They found a Temple. An investigator called Vame told them that that was Pokemopolis! Pokemopolis was a old Temple where they love Pokemon.

Ash found a strange thing and a spoon. Later thatnight Team Rocket came and looked for cool stuff. Arbokfind a black thing, into which Team Rocket went (like a Pokemonin a Pokeball), and later it become agreat Gengar!!! They came out of the the object withthe spoon from a great Alakazam!!! Alakazam and Gengarfight. They couldn't be stopped by normal Pokemon. Thena great Jigglypuff came along and sung until the Alakazamand Gengar fell asleep.

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