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Episode Guide

Round One - Begin

Ash wins his first Pokemon League match! He went up against The Amazing Manny, in the water arena. Ash, against the advice of Misty and Brock, chose Krabby, given to him by Professor Oak. The Krabby had never been in battle, yet Ash was still confident he would win!

The first round of the match went poorly at first for Ash and Krabby, as Manny's Exeggutor used a Psychic attack! The Krabby managed to pull free from a whirlpool and defeated the Exeggutor with a vice grip attack! The Krabby evolved into a Kingler after Ash won first round, also!

Continuing to use the Kingler, as then went up against a Seadra, which was quickly defeated by the evolved Krabby.

The Amazing Manny then made a surprise move, and chose a flying Pokemon, a Golbat, but Ash continued to use Kingler, even though it is disadvantaged against flying Pokemon. After a few tough blows, the Kinger manager to defeat that Bat with one last attack, leaving Ash the winner of the first match!

Also, if you watched Pikachu's jukebox closely, you may have caught a glimpse of some of Ash's upcoming competition in the league games! I have it on good authority that several of the Pokemon and trainers that he'll be up against in the coming weeks can be seen briefly throughout the video!

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