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Episode Guide

A Friend in Deed

Ash meets a new friend, a Pokemon trainer about his age named Ritchie. Ash and Ritchie form a strong friendship while pursuing Team Rocket who managed to swipe all of the Pokemon from the participants in the league games!

Ritchie saves Ash from nearly running off a cliff, earning Ash's trust! After finding Team Rocket and recovering the stolen Pokeballs, the two new friends have to battle against TR's Arbok! Ritchie chose his own Pikachu which he calls Sparky, and Ash of course chose his own Pikachu. Between the two Pikachus the Arbok didn't stand a chance, and Team Rocket blasted off (again).

After returning with all the stolen Pokemon, it was Ash's turn to draw for his next opponent--and as luck would have it--he drew Ritchie! There will be more at stake in the next match than a Pokemon League victory, as their newfound friendship will be put to the test!

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