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Episode Guide

Pallet Party Picnic

Ash returned to Pallet Town with Brock and Misty after suffering a terrible defeat at the Pokémon League Games in last week's episode. Professor Oak and Ash's mother had thrown together a heroe's welcome for Ash, and the whole town gathered to celebrate Ash doing so well.

Team Rocket of course had to take advantage of the opportunity try to nab Pikachu, and nearly got away, but they upset Charizard who promptly destroyed their Meowth-shaped balloon.

Professor Oak had charged Ash with travelling to the Orange Archipeligos and picking up a new type of Pokéball from a friend. Along the way, they found Team Rocket stranded in a treetop surrounded by Pidgey and Pidgeotto's, who were in turn hiding from a large group of Spearows led by a single Fearow.

Ash helped both TR and the Pokémon escape the Fearow by using his own Pidgeotto which evolved into a Pidgeot after getting battered in a fight. Led by the newly evolved Pidgeot, the Pidgey's turned on the Fearow and finally chased it off, leaving Ash, Brock and Misty free to continue their voyage. Ash's Pidgeot stayed behind to make sure the flock of Pidgey's were safe.

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