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Episode Guide

Pokéball Peril

This episode picks up where the last one ended, with our heroes Ash, Misty and Brock falling to the ground in an out of control Dirigible. They survive the crash, but the dirigible doesn't--it's destroyed!

Knowing they've made it to Velencia, but unsure where Professor Ivy's lab is, they stop in a Pokémon center to ask directions, and another Nurse Joy is found, and Brock instantly falls in love as they're told how to find the professor's lab.

They make their way towards the lab, to find a Gyrados in the water just off short. A beautiful woman in the water with the well-trained Gyrados introduces herself as Professor Ivy!

She leads them into the lab where she shows our heroes the mysterious Pokéball they discovered. It's gold and silver instead of red and white, and has the letters "G" and "S" etched onto the surface. No matter what tools they've tried hey've been unable to open the pokéball, so Ash, Misty and Brock are to deliver it to Professor Oak for further examination. Meanwhile, Team Rocket appears for the first time in this episode and discover the dirigible has been destroyed by the crash. The begin to formulate their plan...

Ash and friends are given a tour of Professor Ivy's complex, a vast wilderness of tropical jungle. They discover a Vileplume, a Ratatta, Paras, Nidoking and NidoQueen, and a Butterfree. It's feeding time for the Pokémon, and Professor Ivy's assistant brings out food they prepare themselves especially for each Pokémon!

They express concern over a Butterfree that won't eat and is beginning to weaken. Brock takes a quick bite of the food prepared for the Butterfree, gets an idea and runs off. He returns with a special recipie of his own, explaining that with experience, he's learned that Butterfree like something sweet in their food, like crushed berries. The Butterfree loves it! Professor Ivy and her assistants are very impressed with Brocks knowledge of Pokémon.

They retire to Professor Ivy's house after the long day, to discover it's a complete mess! Brock shines again as he goes into a cleaning frenzy! After a few moments the entire house is spotless! Professor Ivy is again impressed!

That night, Professor Ivy is out observing the nocturnal habits of the Vileplume, and Brock appears, with a night-time snack made just for her. Shortly after, the group gets a little too close to the Vileplume as they release their poisonous spores! Professor Ivy and a Raticate fall ill, and Brock rushes them back to the Pokémon center in Valencia. Nurse Joy announced they will both be fine, thanks to the quick actions of Brock.

The next day, Ash, Misty and their Pokémon are preparing to leave, and notice Brock busy fixing the roof, and appearing to be very happy while doing it. Brock decides to stay with Professor Ivy, where he can learn more about Pokémon every day, and help Professor Ivy and her staff.

Ash and Misty return to the airport to find the dirigible has been completely repaired. Team Rocket had disguised themselves as the pilots, and managed to trap our heroes shortly after takeoff! As Ash begins to attack Team Rocket with one of Pikachu's electric attacks, he's warned that the dirigible is filled with flammable gases and could explode from a single spark!

Then Jigglypuff appeared and began to sing, which of course started to put everybody to sleep. Team Rocket manage to escape with parachutes just as they were dozing off, but Ash and Misty were still trapped inside the dirigible, which now has no pilot!

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