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Episode Guide

The Lost Lapras

Last week's episode left Ash and Misty asleep and trapped in a dirigible (a blimp), with no pilot! They awake to find themselves on a mysterious island, and were worried about being stranded there, until a group of tourists appeared, took some snapshots and directed them to Pokémon Park, a theme park on the island.

They arrived to find a group of people beating a Lapras, so Ash and Misty decide to save it! As they begin, a young trainer named Tracey was taking notes of all the Pokémon present.

The three mean trainers send out Spearow, Hitmonchan, and Beedrill. Right as Ash is about to send out Pikachu, a Pokemon Watcher, Tracey, comes along and bashes the three trainers Pokemon by calling them undeveloped. Tracey notices at Pikachu and examines it's fine coat. Ash defends against some sneaky attacks from the three abusive trainers with Pikachu's electric attacks, and they left.

The poor Lapras was badly injured, so they sought out the help of Nurse Joy (they're everywhere!), but it was afraid of people after being so mistreated. Then Ash noticed something on the Orange League and Ash wants to join. Misty says that Ash should consult Professor Oak first.

Tracy, who is Professors Oak's fan, decides to join the crew and introduces himself. Professor Oak let's Ash train and deliver that Master Ball later.

"You should undergo some rigorous training.", Professor Oak says.

"Okay, Professor, and I'll find out what rigorous means.", Ash replies.

Ash and the gang went outside to help Lapras. Lapras, who is just an infant, and Ash tries to sing to Lapras. Jigglypuff interrupts and Tracey gets excited. He tries to sketch Jigglypuff and he sings. Jigglypuff gets mad as usual and messed up Tracey's sketch. When they wake up Ash asks Lapras to come with him.

With Ash trying to keep up, Lapras swims away. Ash gives up just before Team Rocket managed to catch it and took off fast. Tracey sends out a Venobat to track TR. After a fast chase on bikes our heroes catch up to TR and free the Lapras, winning it's trust!

The episode ends with Ash, Misty and Tracey setting out for the Orange Crew and the Orange League, and new adventures!

Thanks to, Rick and Jamie DeGraff, and EviLMyu from Pokeland for the help with the summary!

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