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Episode Guide

Fit to Be Tide
Ash, Misty, Tracey, Pikachu and Togepi, riding on Lapras' back, come across an island to eat and as an added bonus battle the gym leader there.

When they arrive, the gym leader's younger brother reaks havoc on them until the gym leader stops them. She accepts Ash's challenge but Ash soon learns things are different in the Orange League. Pokémon do not battle each other, rather they compete in skills competitions. The first contest is Ash's Squirtle against the gym leader's Seadra. The two pokémon have to compare Water Gun attacks by first shooting down cans and then to break the tie, flying plates.

Unfortunatly, they tie again so it goes to the last round. Ash chooses Seadra while the gym leader chooses Blastoise. The pokémon must race to a flag while each trainer stands on top of the pokémon. Nearing the flag, a huge wave approaches. Lapras ices it off so Ash and itself won't get hit but the gym leader isn't so lucky.

Fortunately, Blastoise catches her and they continue on. Blastoise seems to be faster in the water so Lapras ices up the water in front of it and jumps on, which gives it the edge and earns Ash the Coral Eye Badge. They depart from the island - still hungry.

Submitted by EviLMyu

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