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Episode Guide

Crystal Onix

While Ash and his friends ride on Laparas once again they find a bottle to help find the crystal onix so Ash and his friends head to the island. When they get on the island Tracy explains that the island is known for making crystals. When Ash and his friends look at all the crystal shop they find a little girl, they find out she was the one who wrote the note. The little girl explains that her brother stopped making some crystal because he needed inspiration.And the older brother explained about his grandfather who saw the crystal onix, and how he needed the same inspiration by looking at the crystal onix.

Ash and his friends offer to help to help them find the crystal onix. First, Tracy used venonat, but wasn't succesful then he used Marril because he could hear things from far away. Then Team Rocket came and tried to get the crystal onix but they fell in a trap. When they found the crystal onix the girls brother used Cloyster but wasn't succesful then he used Charmeleon his crystal making partner and beat that onix. The guy was inpired and then did very well.

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