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Episode Guide

In the Pink

When sailing on Laparas Tracy asks Misty if Togepi will ever learn attacks she explains that she already tried to teach it headbutt, but it gave her a headache trying (a very big one).

Ash and friends get caught in a whirlpool and have been brought to Pinken Island. As tracy see's a pink Ryhorn he tries to sketch it but Ash gets Ryhorn mad. Ryhorn tried to charge but secretly Togepi used teleportation.

Ranger Jenny comes and ask why they're here and she said that the island was a reserve for Pokémon. After, they help Ryhorn up cause he was about to fall off the cliff when he missed. After they saved Ryhorn, Pikachu ate one of the pink fruits and got his tail and cheeks pink but Jenny explains that it doesn't stay pink forever unless you eat it all the time.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket gets on the island with the magicarp sub and see the pink Ryhorn. Then they were excited about a pink Jigglypuff -_- until they realized jiggly puff was always pink.

As team rocket wanders into the forest full of pink Pokémon they decide to use their Pokémon to catch it. Once again James gets eaten up by his Victreebel,so Jessie uses Lickitung, who scared off the Nidoran male/female as Lickitung chased them into a cave a big. The pink Nidoking came out of the cave and attacked Team Rocket.

As Nidoking gets really angry, Marill and Psyduck were too afraid to fight Nidoking, who used a hyperbeam attack. Secretly Togepi used barrier and blocked it. Team Rocket blasted off again.

Jenny then tied up Nidoking and Ash and his friends went back on the boat with ranger Jenny discussing about Togepi if it did really use those attacks. And then Ash found one sketch of ranger Jenny in Tracy's sketch book, reminding him of Brock's affinity for Jenny.

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