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Episode Guide

Shell Shock!
Ash, Misty and Tracey are surfing on Lapras and are almost hit by a speed boat. They follow it to an island and find an exploration team talking to a news crew about how they are looking for ancient kabuto fossils.

Ash, Misty and Tracey are allowed to join the group. Just after they start walking they are nearly crushed by a falling boulder but are saved by two machoke in the party who catch the rock and throw it down the canyon.

Meanwhile team rocket heard there were kabuto fossils on the island and decide to find and sell them. They follow the team up the canyon until james is knocked off by the falling boulder.

Ash, Misty and Tracey reach a hidden cove where the kabuto fossils are said to be. More rocks begin to fall into the cove and they are again saved by a pokemon, a rhydon, who horn drills the rocks. At the top of the cliffs Pikachu sees a man, he starts to run off but ash and pikachu chase him. When they catch him they find he is the one responsible for the falling rocks. The man had been trying to chase them off because of an old legend about people coming to the island and when they did the moon would turn purple and the island would colapse into the sea.

An archeologist runs up shouting that they have found fossils. When they get back to the cove they find a huge cave made of kabuto fossils. Suddenly team rocket blows up the roof of the cave and scoops the fossils into a net, then use the balloon to lift them out.

As they take the fossils the moon turns huge and purple. When it does the kabuto come to life and escape from the net. As the island begins to collapse Ash and the team build a raft and use it to escape the island. As they watch the last kabuto swim away they decide it is better if no one ever finds out about the kabuto.

Submitted by Rachael Jones.

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