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Episode Guide

Stage Fight
The show begins with two talking Pokémon, Hitmonchan and Machoke, fighting in a boxing-type arena, with a large crowd of people including Ash, Misty, Tracy and their Pokémon, cheering them on! A Clefable, who can also speak, is in Hitmonchan's corner. The Machoke and Hitmonchan run at each other, and Hitmonchan's powerful punchgets the best of the Machoke and wins the match!

Togepi wanders off and makes its way backstage. Misty follows to catch it, and finds a group of people hidden behinda one-way mirror, speaking for the Pokémon!

Roger, an older man, and Kay, a pretty young girl introduce themselves, and explain that their deception is forentertainment purposes. Meanwhile, Kay's Raichu is sadly sitting in the corner backstage while the rest of the Pokémongive their final chorus.

Ash, Misty and Tracy get a ride with the troup of performers and their Pokémon on a big show boat, where Roger suggeststhat Ash share some of his training experience with Kay to help her with her sad Raichu. Ash begins very strong, withsage words of advice for the struggling performer, remembering the teachings from Brock,but begins to fumble with the words of wisdom.

Meanwhile, the scene is cut to Team Rocket's submarine, which is closely following the boat, with grand plans to steal the boat and the Pokémon and open their own dinner theater!

Ash explains to Kay that to truly relate to her Pokémon, she has to do it from the heart. She tries to tellRaichu a poem, but Raichu responds with a shock that sends Kay reeling!

Kay explains how on the day she met Raichu she picked it up for a hug, and was suddenly shocked! The fear she experienced causedher to react out of reflexes and she threw Raichu, who hit a wall and fell to the floor, saddened. Every since then, Raichu has beenable to sense her fear and would react by giving her a little shock every time she would touch Raichu.

The scene again cuts to Team Rocket, who fire a torpedo at the boat! The boat is hit!

Who's that Pokémon: Golduck

Ash and Misty look around, wondering what caused the explosion, and another torpedo hits the boat. Kay grabs and holds Raichu, who as usual shocks her, but this time Kay refuses to let go!

Team Rocket board the ship, which they of course intend to steal and deliver the Team Rocket anthem.

Jesse and James threaten to blow up the boat if they don't turn over all their Pokémon. As Ash prepares to makea show of resistance, Roger steps forward and pleads with Ash to do as the villains ask--the boat and the show is theirlivelihood, and they couldn't go on without it.

Team Rocket captures all of the Pokémon from the show, and puts Meowth in charge. Jesse and James are looking over theircatch, and Machoke pretends to want to make friends with James, but surprises him with a powerful punch that sends Jamesflying.

The human performers escape, and get an idea. They make their way to the hidden room behind the stage, where they begin to give voices to their captured Pokémon. Team Rocket is taken off guard, and a battle ensues. Jesse called her Weezing out and uses a smokescreen attack. The smokescreen leaves everybody coughing and on the floor.

Ash, Misty and Tracy escape, and confront Team Rocket with Pikachu and Marril. Team Rocket is quickly dispatched.

Kay finds Raichu, happy to see it, and hugs it. Raichu, as usual, responds with an electric shock, but again, Kay holds tight! Raichurealizes that Kay is no longer afraid to hold it, and is happy again!

Team Rocket gets to their feet again, for one last desparate attempt to best our heroes. Ash againreplies with Pikachu and a thunderbolt attack, but this time Kay and her Raichu join in. Team Rocket is quickly vanquished from the duo of powerfulelectric attacks.

Upon arriving at their destination, the performers prepare for the next show, but Roger announces that he can't do the show. The smokescreen attackfrom Team Rocket's Weezing left him with a very sore throat. Raichu is jumping up and down, motioning for Kay. Kay realizes that Raichu wants THEM to take Roger'splace in the show. Ash and Pikachu also offer to help with the show.

The curtain is opened, and show begins as Raichu (with Kay's voice) makes introductions. Kay does a wonderful job of lipsyncing. The episode ends with the finale, all the performing Pokémon in a chorus line. Jynx, Chansey, Machoke, Psyduck, Abra, Mr. Mime, Squirtle, Togepi, Staryu, Pikachu and Raichu all dance happily as they rejoice in their victory over Team Rocket and a successful performance. The crowd responds with a roar.

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