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Episode Guide

Navel Manoeuvers
Ash, Misty and Tracey are en route to Navel Island, to find the next gym and win the Sea Ruby Badge. After they reach the island, they see an empty deserted place!

A man comes ashore and introduces himself as Danny. Misty is quite taken by the handsome man, Danny comments on Misty beautiful name, and how it fits her!

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is approaching the island in their submarine... plotting of course to steal Pikachu and any other Pokémon they can get!

Misty acts coy and flirts a bit with Danny, but as Ash and Misty exchange retorts, Danny notices that they seem to be very close, and states that "you only hurt the ones you love." Ashand Misty both immediately deny everything!

Danny leads them through a gate in an old stone wall, and through the gate they finally see the Navel Island gym, but it's on top of a mountain. Danny explains that anytrainers seeking to try to win the Sea Ruby Badge in the gym must climb the mountain, without help from friends or Pokémon--the others can ride a cable car to the top!

Ash struggles a little during his ascent, almost getting disqualified by starting to ask for help from his Pokémon, but Danny cautions him, and Ash continued on his on.

Just before reaching the summit, Team Rocket make an appearance in their Meowth hot-air balloon, and tries steal Pikachu with a giant suction cup, but their attempt failed.As Team Rocket tried again to catch Pikachu, Danny swiftly reacted by attaching a large rock to their suction cup device, which was hurled back at them at top speed! The rock smashed into them and Team Rocket blasted off.

Atop the mountain the climate was very cold, with snow covering everything! Misty offered Danny her blanket (as she gazed into his eyes with longing), but Danny stated that he liked the brisk weather. Ash muttered to himself, wishing he had a blanket.

Tracey and Misty point out that they realized that Danny was in fact the gym leader, and also part of the Orange Crew. Danny began to explain the rules of the gym, and that there would be three contests--Ash would have to win two of the three to earn the badge.

The first contest was to freeze hot water shooting from a geyser. Both Ash and Danny chose water Pokémmon, Ash choosing Lapras, and Danny choosing Nidoqueen. The first event was close until the end, when Danny pushed his Pokémon even harder to pull ahead and freeze the giant column of water moments before Lapras could finish.

The second contest was to carve and shape the giant blocks of ice into ice sleds! Danny chose Machop, Scyther, and Nidoqueen, while Ash chose Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Charizard! Charizard? Misty and Tracey warned Ash that Charizard would neverlisten to his commands, and he would be no help, but Ash insisted.

The event began, and Danny's Pokémon were quickly in the lead. Ash struggled with Charizard to get him to wake up, but Charizard only responded with a flame attack directed back at Ash! Luckily, the flame attack went past Ash, hitting the ice block, and quickly reshaping the chunk of ice into the ice sled! Ash wins the second event!

The third event was a race from the top of the mountain to the beach at the bottom, on the ice sleds they had just sculpted. Ash chose Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, while Danny chose Geodude, Eletrode and again Scyther. The race began.

The two Pokémon trainers were neck and neck, a very close race, until Team Rocket, lurking at a safe distance, remotely opened a large trap in the ground, and Danny and Pokémon fell directly in!

Ash saw what had happened, and immediately stopped to help, but another hole trap set by TR left them trapped as well. Team Rocket again tries to steal Pikachu, this time successful.

They put Pikachu in a bell jar (a sealed glass jar that keeps electricity inside), so Pikachu couldn't use his electric attacks to get free.Danny, Ash, Tracey and Misty began hurling snowballs at Team Rocket, until their balloon started rocking violently, setting Pikachu free as the bell jar tipped over!

Danny sends Electrode to the giant Meowth-shaped balloon, ordering it to explode. As it did, Team Rocket cried out "We're blasting off again, AGAIN!"

Ash and Danny agree to continue their race, and Ash quicly found himself going to fast and losing control--he went off course and into the wilderness, allowing Danny to pull a strong lead. Just asDanny was approaching the finish line though, Ash and his three Pokémon came flying over a hill, riding nothing more than a small block of ice that remained, passing Danny, and winning the race!

Danny congratulated Ash as he awarded him his second Orange League badge, the Sea Ruby Badge, and the episode ended as the team was leaving the island in search of new adventure!

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