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Episode Guide

Episode S1: Holiday Hi-Jynx

Submitted by Kailam Lee

This episode starts out with Ash, Misty, and Brock walking along the beach. They see a Jynx holding a black boot. As always, Ash pulls out his pokedex to see what it is. Ash tried to catch it but he can't. At the same time, in a house on a cliff, Jesse in pretending to be asleep. Then Santa Claus comes through the window and was caught in a net. It wasn't Santa Claus! It was James. Jesse saids that Santa Claus was a Jynx!!! She told them that a Jynx came down the chimney and took her favorite broken doll 10 years ago. Anyway, back to Our heroes( I'm trying to act like the narroator). Jynx gave Ash, Misty, and Brock a mental movie. It shows Jynx was cleaning the boot but the part of ice she was sitting on broke off and carried her off. Pikachu was yelling " Pika-Pikachu" and pointing to the boot. Misty looks inside and sees "S.C." carve in it. they figured that the boot was Santa Claus' left boot. They agreed to help Jynx. They built a raft and had all their water pokemon to pull it (all except psyduck). When they were half way there, the pokemon got tired so Ash jumped in to pull the raft. Ash starts to hear a telepathic voice. Ash almost sank but was rescured by a Larpras! Larpras told them that Santa Claus sent her to find his Jynx. Larpras pulled the raft the rest of the way. there was hundreds of Jynxes there. Team Rocket followed them there. They attacked and stole the presents! Larpras used ice beam and froze Team Rocket in their Gyrados sub. Ash sent out charmander(!!!) and used fire spin ( BIG MISTAKE). The ice melted and was escaping but all the Jynxes used psywave and blasted them off. Santa got his presents back and gave Ash, Misty, Brock, and pikachu a present.

On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the best, I give this episode a 6.5.

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