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Pokémon Blue Walkthrough
Submitted by Oliver Yu

Pallet Town
The the starting place of the game is in youur room you can pick up a free Potion right before you even start in the PC. Your mom will tell you that Prof. Oak wants you. Try to leave the town and Prof. Oak will come get you. He leads you to his lab, where you will be able to choose your first Pokémon. There are Bulbasaur, a plant-type Pokémon; Charmander, a fire-type Pokémon; and Squirtle, and water-type Pokémon. Your rival, Gary, will pick up another Pokémon which is strong aginst you. When you try to leave, Gary will challenge you to a Pokémon duel. Beating it will give you a nice boost in experience(It will raise a level too), and $175, making your money total $3175 now. Your first Pokémon will be level 5 to start with, so if you keep it strong, it will be a very good asset.

Your mom will, starting now, give free rests to you and your Pokemon, acting as a pokemon center with the computer in ya room.

Route 1
This leads north to Viridian city. You'll encounter Pidgeys and Ratattas.Defeat some for experience and try to raise at lease two levels for your Pokemon.

A boy on the way explains that he is a Poke Mart worker at Viridian City, and he will give you a free Potion as a sample. What a nice guy.

Viridian City
Talk to the Shop clerk and she will give you a parcel. Then head back to Pallet Town with the Parcel. Give it to Prof. Oak and he will give you and Gary each a Pokédex, which is an electronic encyclopedia. He will tell you of his dream to complete the pokedex (by capturing/having captured all pokemon in the game) to you. Gary will act arrogant and walk off, but you can get a Town Map from his sister, contrary to what he said. Go back to the city.

The gym's doors are locked, and they won't unlock for a very long time until you've beaten the other 7 trainers in the game. Buy some Poke Balls and talk to the old man to learn how to capture Pokemon. A boy will talk about caterpillar Pokemon.

About the old man, if you go left from him, you will see a tree. Go around the other side and you will get a POTION.

If you go west towards the Pokemon HQ, you will fight Gary. He captured another Pokemon. After you fight him, he will tell you you need Badges to go through. Around here, you can also pick up a few Nidorans.

Route 2
Pick up a Pidgey and/or a Ratatta. You can get higher-level ones in the future, but if you train hard they will grow stronger better than the higher-leveled ones. You can also get Caterpies and Weedles. Weedles are more rare in this game tough while Caterpies, there are a lot.

Viridian Forest
First of all, right when you get in, there is a man next to a tree. Go above the man, look at the tree, and press A for an Antidote.

On your way through Viridian Forest, you should pick up a Pikachu (!!), a Caterpie, and a Weedle. Don't get Kakunas and Metapods, since Caterpie and Weedle will evolve into one eventually. There are a few easy trainers in the forest, they are Bug-catchers and use bugs, so fire works very well on them. The first has a pair of caterpillars at Lv. 6 (Caterpie/Weedle). The second has 2 Lv. 7 Weedles and a Lv. 7 Kakuna. The final trainer has a Lv. 9 Weedle.

There is a Poke Ball, Anidote (comes in handy from the Weedles), and a Potion in the forest. Makes nice additions to your arsenal.

By the way, the Pikachu is a VERY good asset because its only weakness is against ground Pokemon, and it is my favorite Pokemon anyway :-) It will learn awesome attacks later on as well. I personally suggest NOT turning it into a Raichu to preserve it originality, but... if you really want to do so, learn THUNDER first.

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