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Pokémon Gold Walkthrough
Submitted by ZapDos from

Pokémon Gold Walkthrough: Chapter 1

When you first turn on your game, you should be greeted by the beautiful color intro. Much nicer than the previous incarnations. After that, if it is a new game, a small box will appear at the top. Click the first option to start a new game.

Then, set the clock. First, select the hour. Then, select the minute. This sets the internal clock which effects the type of Pokémon you catch and other timed events.

Now, the intro will play much like the previous versions. When Oak asks for your name, you can select the preprogrammed names or make your own (the first option in the name screen). If you don't speak Japanese, it might be wise to choose a name that you can recognize. Such as "!!!!!!"or I like to make words in English from Japanese characters that look like English letters. This way, you'll know when someone is talking about you.

After you select your name, you are transported to your room. Walk downstairs, talk to your mother, and make your way to the big building next door. This is where professor Utsugii resides. Once you talk to him, he will allow you to choose which Pokémon to get. You can choose between Waninoko, a water alligator Pokémon, Hinoarashi, a fire anteater type Pokémon, and Chikolita, a grass type Pokémon. I chose Chikolita because of its grass type attacks and because it's pretty itty cutey...*ahem* Moving on...

Professor Utsugii will tell you to go and find another professor in a cottage to the west. Leave the building and got to the west and out of town. You might want to skip on the battles with wild Pokémon for now since the nearest Poké Center is in the next town. Keep going west until you find the next town. There you can heal any Poké wounds and buy some healing potions for burn and poison. You can also buy some potions.

Next, you can either take a tour of the town by talking to the old man standing at the front gate, who'll give you a map for your Pokéwatch (very useful), or you can skip the exploration and get to the main mission, to find Prof. Oak. From the center of town, go north until you find the second cottage. Inside, talk to the man to the east of the room, he's prof. Oak. He will talk and run out of the cottage in a hurry. Leave the cottage and return to the first town, the one where you first started. On your way from the second town, you will be forced to fight the mysterious red haired person that was standing outside the first professor's building. Apparently he has the opposite starting Pokémon as you. It should be a fairly easy battle, just keep up with the tackle attacks until his Pokémon is down. Once you whoop him, he'll run away, much like Gary. Continue out of the town and go to the Professor Utsugii's building in the first town and there will be a scene where officer Jenny (I presume) is talking to professor Utsugii. Something has happened and the other Pokéball of Utsugii's is missing, strangely, it's the ball that the red haired guy had.

After you talk to Utsugii, exit the office. On your way out. the professor's assistant should stop you and aid you with 5 Pokéballs. Now, you are ready to catch Pokémon and your journey begins! Exit the town and on the path just outside the town, a boy will stop you and teach you how to catch Pokémon much like the old man did in the Red/Blue versions.

Make your way to the next town to the west and go north. Now, you can go on the route that was previously blocked by two dueling trainers. Here, you'll find one of the best and underrated Pokémon around, Caterpie. Though it may not seem very tough, once you train it and evolve it into butterfree it will be an invaluable asset to a new trainer.

As you make your way past a number of bug trainers, all wanting to challenge you upon sight, you should break way and find a cave. It's too dark to go in and you won't be able to go far in it unless you have both flash and strength. Instead, go west and enter the town. There, you should heal your wounds and start training up your Pokémon if they are below Lv. 10. If you caught a caterpie, it should have evolved into a metapod by now and with a little more training, it should evolve at level 12 and learn Psychic. If you have Chikolita, it should have learned a powerful attack much like razor leaf and by level 12 it will learn barrier.

Once your Pokémon are well prepared, you might want to invest in some potions which you can get at the store.

Finally, you can challenge the Kikyou city Gym leader Hayato residing near the Pokémon center. You will have to beat the two trainers before you can challenge Hayato. The first trainer uses a level 9 spearow and the second trainer uses 2 level 7 pidgeys. He's fairly easy to beat if your Pokémon are trained enough, in fact, he's about as hard as the two trainers. He only uses a level 7 Pidgey and a level 9 Pigeotto. Mainly, use your strongest attacks like razor leaf and if you have Butterfree, use psychic for an easy victory. Once you defeat him, you will gain your first badge, TM 31 and $900.


You can go to the Poké center and talk to the guy at the counter who looks like the professor's assistant. He'll give you an egg that for now will not be able to fight or do anything. Now that you have defeated Hayato and collected the egg, you can go up north of the town to the temple. Inside, you will find 6 trainers and wild ratattas. The trainers all use level 3 bellsprouts and are easy victories. Make your way to the top floor of the temple. You will find many items along your way to the top including awakens, potions, and escape ropes. Once you arrive to the top and final floor, make your way past the final trainers. Once there, you will see the red haired kid talking to the temple leader and the red haired kid will escape. After that, the temple leader will fight you. He mainly uses bellsprouts and is fairly easy. After you beat him, he will give you HM5, flash. You can go ahead and equip flash to a Pokémon now if you want. I used it on the new owl Pokémon Hoo Hoo, so that I wouldn't take up a valuable space on one of my good Pokémon's attack list.

:Side quest: This side quest offers a little amount of challenge and the rewards are good. If you go west, past the gym, and go past the check-in station, you should reach a mini town with some caves. Go to the cave furthest north. Enter the cave and you will find a small alter like contraption. Step in it and press A. You should be playing some sort of ancient puzzle. Basically, just make the puzzle look like a Kabuto.

Once completed, the floor should open up and you should be dropped below. If you're having trouble making the puzzle complete, make sure the two bottom middle pieces are in the right position. After dropping to the cave floor below, you will encounter a strange and mysterious Pokémon called Enon. It takes many forms, but it is the same Pokémon. You can catch one of them or just escape the cave to come back later. Exit the mini town and continue on your quest. :End Side quest:

Now, go west, past the gym and right before the shop. Take the path below and take the right hand shoulder path. You will have to fight off some trainers and some wild Pokémon hiding in the brush, but continue down south. After a while, you should reach the Poké center. Enter the Poké center and talk to the man standing near the counter, in the hat . He will give you his old pole. Above the Poké center, you will find a lake where you can use your newly acquired fishing pole to capture a magikarp and other Pokémon. Once you are done, continue south until you reach a dead end.

Enter the cave to the left. Inside you will find numerous trainers and some wild sandshrews, onixs and zubats. You can also find defensive up and TM39. Continue south and fight the last trainer at the exit. You will now be at another town called Hiwada. Go west, passed the open well blocked by a Team Rocket agent and enter town to rest. Your egg that you have been carrying around in your Pokémon line-up should hatch and Togepi is born. Though a bit weak, he has a wicked metronome spell that can K.O. any opponent in one blow. It might be wise to start training him.

After you are refreshed, go to the house to the right of the Pokémon center and talk to the guy sitting on a pillow . He will talk briefly then run from the room. Now, make your way east from the house and enter the well that was previously blocked off. Follow the path in the underground caverns until you find two slowpokes and two Team Rocket members. Fight off each of them and the man from the house will come and talk to you. You will then fade off and fade in at his house. For your reward, he will give you a Pokéball that helps capture water Pokémon.

You might want to heal your Pokémon because the upcoming gym leader is fairly hard. Once you are ready, go to the gym in the center of town. There, after fighting some trainers, you will encounter the leader Tsukushi . Her first two Pokémon are a breeze. She uses a level 14 Metapod and Kakuna and a level 16 scyther. The scyther is the toughest in her arsenal. His slash moves are particularly harmful. Just keep up the attacks and you should be able to defeat her. Once defeated, she will hand over her badge and TM49 (slash) and the ability to use cut, which you'll get soon enough. You can also control Pokémon up to level 30! Time to go back and rest up.


You will encounter the red haired kid again. He uses a level 12 Gastly, a level 14 zubat and a level 16 Pokémon that is the opposite of your starting Pokémon. For example, in my case, it was Hinoarashi. He is fairly difficult, but if you have well developed Pokémon, you should be able to defeat him.

Go west of the Pokémon center and enter the check-in station. Once passed, you should now have entered a dark forest. Make your way around until you find a bird . Talk to it and it will fly away. Keep following and talking to it until it brings you to two people. Talk to the guy on the left and he will give you HM1 (cut). Now you can cut down bushes like the one blocking the path. Once you have taught cut to one of your Pokémon, you can cut the bush blocking the path and access the rest of the trail. Follow it up where you can talk to a kid to get TM 2 or just continue past until you get to to the building. There, you can get TM 12 from the girl sitting with the butterfree. Continue north into town.

It is a maze shaped city called Kogame city. You can get a bicycle from the bike shop to the left of the Pokémon shop or go to an underground tunnel to the left of the Pokémon center. In that underground passageway, you can acquire a coin purse so you can gamble at the slot machines in the town. You will find a tower to the upper right of the town. If you enter and talk to the lady with the green hair at the counter of the first floor . She asks you questions and you have to answer them correctly. After some trial and error, I think the pattern is, 1st option, 1st option, 1st option, 2nd option, 1st option, 2nd option. After that, you can access radio stations on you watch!

There is also a breeding center in town.

To breed, you need to capture a male and female of one specie with the same sign in their pokedex entry (dittos are wild cards). Give one to the old man and one to the old woman. Then, start walking. After about 800 steps, go back to the building. The old man should be gone. Go out back and talk to him. He will give you an egg. After about 5,000 steps, it should hatch! You can get new pokémon this way. If you breed two pikachus, you can get a Pichu!

You should also buy a soda from the top floor of the Pokéshop for further use. This is a great place to raise your Pokémon's levels and earn some cash by challenging the trainers hanging around. Once you are rested and stocked up, you can head north to the gym to challenge the gym leader.She is called Akane . Once you enter the gym, you will find it sort of maze like. Follow the trail around and fight off the trainers until you come upon a red haired girl . She will not provoke you for an attack, instead, you have to talk to her first. She has a level 18 Jigglypuff and the pink cow aptly named milktank. Jigglypuff is fairly easy and should be defeated in only a few moves, but don't be fooled by milktank's appearance. It has some nasty attacks and it will replenish its HP with a bottle of milk when low. It might take a while, but keep up a strong offence and it should be defeated. After you win, she will talk to you, when you check your badge index, you will notice that she has not given you her badge. Talk to the blue haired girl below Akane and then talk to Akane again. This time, she will hand you the badge and TM45!


Now that you've gotten your badge, it's time to move on, but not before one thing. Make sure that you get the item from the woman who lives to the right of the gym. She will be standing by a chair. Talk to her and she will give you an item. Once you have obtained it, go north in the city. Keep going north, past the two check-in stations until you reach a park. You can either fight the roaming trainers for money or go to the mid right section where, you'll find another check-in station. Pass through the check-in station and make your way to the right, past the two trainers and find a small pathway leading north. You'll see that the path is blocked by a strange bush that you can't cut. You might want to save your game now.

Inspect the bush with the A button. It will bring up a dialogue box and then an option. Choose the first option, which uses the potion the woman gave you. The bush will awaken and will reveal itself to be a level 20 Utsokii, a grass Pokémon. It is easy to beat with brute force using your starting Pokémon's best attack. Catching it however, is another story. If you have a butterfree, use psychic attack to knock away around 18% of it's life bar. If you don't have butterfree, try different attacks, but no poisons or confusions, you'll end up accidentally knocking it out it. Once you have its life bar whittled down to a thin slice, try to put it to sleep. Then, use a Pokéball. If you don't put it to sleep, it has a better chance of breaking out and thus you lose more Pokéballs. If you stick with it, you should be able to capture it and it's a very good and strong Pokémon. Its rockslide attack is very powerful. Much like snorlax, it is rare.

After you are done, you should go to the right and find a man in a blue shirt . He will give you TM8. While it doesn't seem like much, this is like an HM except that you can use it once, this will allow you to break the cracked rocks once you have equipped it to a Pokémon in your line-up. After that, head back left and then continue up the way until you reach town after a couple trainers. There, you will find the fourth gym.

You don't have to fight him right now, there are plenty of places to raise your Pokémon's level and some tasks that you must do to progress in the game. Right behind the Pokémon center, you will find a house, enter it. Once inside, you will find a stage with around five kabuki actors. They are all eevee trainers, some even have the two new evolutions of it! You must fight and win every one of them. Then, when you have beaten them all, you should see a man in the center aisle with blue hair and a black hat . Talk to him and he will give you HM 3, Surf. This is why it is crucial that you talk to everyone multiple times. They often give you important items. On that note, go to the house to the right of the gym. Once there, talk to the man inside and he will give you an Item Finder . This is useful to find because it will help you find helpful items like ethers. After that, head north in the city, until you find a multistoried temple. Once inside, you will encounter your red haired arch nemesis. He's been raising his Pokémon and offers some new surprises. A level 20 Haunter, a level 18 magemite, a level 20 zubat, and a level 21 Hinoarashi. Though tough, you should be victorious, if not, refine your battle plan, raise your Pokémon and try again. Once you have defeated him, you can smash the cracked rocks blocking two pathways. Take the right one first, cahallenge the trainer, collect the Pokéball, and go to the right path. Fight the trainer there, collect the Pokéball, then fall down the small square hole in the floor, near the center of the room. You should find yourself standing in front of what look like Pokémon statues. As you draw closer, they will turn from gray to different colors and scamper away. You cannot catch them. Simply head south and take the ladder back to the first floor and exit the temple. When you feel you are trained enough, you should challenge the leader. Just make sure you have a Pokémon that is good against ghosts before even trying.

Make sure you rest your Pokémon up before challenging him. Once you enter the gym, you will most likely fall through the gray floor once or twice. There is a hidden pathway. You can look at the pic below for the path or follow these instructions. First walk up through the two Pokéball columns. You will be challenged by a trainer. Defeat him and line up with the right Pokéball column. Continue up until you reach the old woman who will challenge you. Then, go left until you are just before where the old man is standing. Go north and face him. Then go east until you are just before where the old woman is standing. Go north to face her then keep going north until you reach the gym leader.

The gym leader Matsuba is pretty hard if you don't have the right Pokémon. Once again, having butterfrees psychic attack will make things a LOT easier. If you have been depending on your starting Pokémon, then I hope you like getting yer arse whooped. Mainly, the trainers use mid-teen gastlys and haunters. Matsuba follows their lead and uses a level 21 gastly and haunter, a level 23 haunter and a level 25 gengar. The first three are pretty much a breeze. If you knock about half of their life with an attack, they'll finish themselves off by preparing for an attack which takes of around 1/2 of their HP. Gengar is a tough one though. You might want to use one Pokémon for all attacks and when it gets knocked out, switch to a high leveled Pokémon that doesn't do much against a gengar to use revives and high potions, then switch between them as needed. Watch out though, gengar has a life sucking attack that will do mucho damage against you while refilling his life bar. If you're lucky, you'll get a couple free shots as gengar waits for his move. In time, you should beat him though and acquire the 4th badge, the ability to control Pokémon up to level 50, and TM30, a ghost attack.

Rare Pokémon Side Quest:

Now that you have another badge under your belt and your Pokémon are well raised, you can fight a very rare Pokémon. You don't have to do this now, but the rare Pokémon is invaluable if you are in needs of a water Pokémon with some fire attacks. Go to the right of the city and enter the eastern check-in point. Once through, you should see a cave and a lake. Use swim and swim east. You should hit ground shortly thereafter, but you should use swim again on the land's east side. Keep going until you see a guy in a green shirt standing by the western shore. Go on land and head east until you find a small town. It is too soon to enter the gym, but rest up your Pokémon and head north, past the next check-in station and past two trainers. Finally, you should break through the forest and see a big lake. Swim north until you see something red in the lake . Save your game now. Once you have saved your game, you should talk to the red creature. It will challenge you and turns out to be a level 30 red gyarados! It is a very rare colored Pokémon nicknamed a "shiny" Pokémon. What makes this gyarados different is that is uses a fire attack and is more powerful than a standard gyarados. Now, it's time to capture it!

It is extremely powerful and its dragon rage attack is killer. Just center on trying to take it down with your most effective attack. Nothing really will wipe it out in one shot so you have to keep on hitting it with attack after attack. If your Pokémon faints and you have no other well developed Pokémon, use one as your dummy Pokémon. Don't attempt to attack, just use a Pokémon for giving items. Have it give your main Pokémon a revival potion, preferably one that gives back 1/2 the Pokémon's HP bar. If it lives past another attack, have it give a potion to your main Pokémon to assure it won't be KO'd in a short while. Then, switch back to your main Pokémon and if needed, do it again. Soon enough, it should only have a sliver of life left. Throw out a Pokéball, which it should break out of at the last second. Throw another one and it should stay still. Keep throwing Pokéballs until he is captured. If you KO him or run out of Pokéballs, restart your game. You only get one chance at this. Once completed, you can teach it swim, because if you're like me, you taught swim to a low level water Pokémon. Gyarados is very powerful and you didn't even need to train him! Talk to the guy standing by the sign on shore in a cape , he will talk to you and fly away. Now, head back to the town where you fought the ghost gym and got surf, back west.


lv 20 Bite

lv 25 Dragon Rage

lv 32 Leer

lv 41 Hydro Pump

lv 52 Hyper Beam

: End Rare Pokémon Side Quest:

Well, if you caught the gyarados, your travels will be muuuuuch easier. Just try to raise it as often as possible when against trainers. Once your restocked and restored, head west in the city until you find a check-in station. Pass through it and head west until you can't go any further, then head north, then west again. There's a tauros ranch, skip it and then head south into town. You'll notice the gym there and you might want to try it out, but the gym leader is not there. Instead, go to heal your Pokémon at the Poké Center then go to the left of the Poké Center, talk to the two guys inside and one of them will give you HM 4, Strength. Now, head south until you see a check-in station, head east and you'll see a large tall building. Enter it. Make your way up the tower, past the lurking trainers. Continue upwards until you reach some stairs with a woman with a blue belt to the right and some stairs blocked by a hole in the ground. After fighting her, go to the left hand side of the hole and fall in. You'll fall into a room with a trainer and a set of stairs. Go up the stairs. Then, once you've taken the stairs and are back on the floor where you jumped in the hole, take the next set of stairs to the south and you should be at the next floor. Make your way south until you find the next set of stairs and you should be at the final floor. Go north and you will find a girl standing next to a Pokémon , talk to her. Nothing big happens and she will not leave, but now you have to complete another task before fighting her. Make a hasty exit by falling through the hole in the northeast side of the room. Keep falling until you're at floor one, then exit.

Make your way west in the town until you reach three rocks. You can smash them to fight some turtle Pokémon called Tsubotsubo. You can teach them surf or teach your Gyarados surf, it'll make for an excellent attack. You should also teach it the newly acquired HM strength, another fine attack that gives an advantage when fighting other water Pokémon. Surf down southwest until you find a shoreline and another city. You are going to need strength equipped to an active Pokémon. Then, enter the gym. Continue north in the gym, past the gym trainers until you reach three stones blocking the path. You have to use strength to use them. Simply go up to one and press A then choose the first option to begin strength. Next, move the left boulder north, then the right one north and finally move the middle boulder west.After a few more trainers, you should see the gym leader Shijima , talk to him. He is fairly simple, using only a level 30 Polywrath and a level 28 Primeape. Not much advice to give, just pummel him with your strongest Pokémon. Butterfree is good to use. After you win, exit the gym and talk to the lady just outside . She'll give you HM 2, fly. Next, talk to a guy with sunglasses on, who lives in the house furthest south, below the gym. He should give you something imperative to fight the next gym boss (in the tower in the other city). If you have a flying Pokémon, you can teach it fly and fly back to the city you just swam from. It beats swimming back. If not, then just swim back to the city.


Now that you are back in the town where you went up the tower, you should go to the tower again. Once again, climb all the way to the top floor until you find that girl with a Pokémon next to her . If you picked up the item she needs (back at the town you just left) she should ask you a question, pick the first option. She with then talk some more and leave. Now you can fight her in the gym in town. Exit the tower and head towards the gym in town that was previously vacant. Make sure you rest your Pokémon up before challenging her. There are no trainers here, simply walk up to her and challenge her.

This battle is a gruesome one. Mikan is unexpectedly strong and since I have no electric Pokémon, she was very tough for me. She uses two level 30 magemites and a level 32

This had to be my toughest battle so far. She first brought out a level 30 magemite. Fortunately, I already had my level 27 Chikolita out. Magemite managed to bring it down in a few rounds. I switched to my level 32 Butterfree counting on it to KO the magemite with 14 hp to spare. Unfortunately, it managed to get in the pre-emptive strike and KO'd butterfree before it could release the final blow to magemite. I couldn't bring out my gyarados yet because the magemites can get a 1 hit KO, besides, I was saving him for later. Instead, I switched to my Level 11 Hoo Hoo. It managed to give my Chikolita a revive and a potion before being KO'd. I switched back to Chikolita and finished the magemite off. Then, to my surprise, she sent out onix's evolution, Haganeru. Not knowing what its weaknesses were, I used strength...wrong move. It took out about 1/3 of my hp with an earthquake. I then tried dragon breath which served nicely. After two more rounds, I thought that I'd have enough to KO onix and then take a dent out of the next magemite before being KO'd...wrong. Okay, three down and Chikolita doesn't bode well against steel. I switched to my level 13 togepi. Gave Gyarados a revive, togepi's KO'd, brought back out my level 4 Otachi, gave potion, Otachi's KO'd. Switched to gyarados, Haganeru uses high potion, all hp restored...crapple...back to square 1. Gyarados uses fire breath repeatedly, Gyarados hit twice, one flame later, onix is down. Level 30 Magemite sent out, gyarados uses fire, knocks off 75% of his HP, magemite finishes of gyarados. One Pokémon left, no more tricks up my sleeve, one thunderbolt and it was Poké heaven for me. Fortunately, I got the first attack and used razor leaf finishing off magemite. I won. I won? Yes? YES! ...dang, I need to get to raising my Pokémon.


If you were victorious, good job. Now, heal up and head back to the town with the fourth gym, the one with the trick floor and the ghost Pokémon. Once back, head east in the city until you find a check-in station. Continue east, which you have to surf through. Keep going until you reach a town with a gym. The gym is closed right now. Heal up and go north until you find a big lake. Surf in the lake until you find a red Pokémon floating near the center of the lake. Save your game now. Once you have saved your game, you should talk to the red creature. It will challenge you and turns out to be a level 30 red gyarados! It is a very rare colored Pokémon nicknamed a "shiny" Pokémon. What makes this gyarados different is that is uses a fire attack and is more powerful than a regular gyarados. You can either defeat it or catch it. If you are going to catch it, read the next paragraph. If you already have it or have beaten it already, skip the next paragraph.

It is extremely powerful and its dragon rage attack is killer. Just center on trying to take it down with your most effective attack. Nothing really will wipe it out in one shot so you have to keep on hitting it with attack after attack. If your Pokémon faints and you have no other well developed Pokémon, use one as your dummy Pokémon. Don't attempt to attack, just use a Pokémon for giving items. Have it give your main Pokémon a revival potion, preferably one that gives back 1/2 the Pokémon's HP bar. If it lives past another attack, have it give a potion to your main Pokémon to assure it won't be KO'd in a short while. Then, switch back to your main Pokémon and if needed, do it again. Soon enough, it should only have a sliver of life left. Throw out a Pokéball, which it should break out of at the last second. Throw another one and it should stay still. Keep throwing Pokéballs until he is captured. If you KO him or run out of Pokéballs, restart your game. You only get one chance at this. Once completed, you can teach it swim, because if you're like me, you taught swim to a low level water Pokémon. Gyarados is very powerful and you didn't even need to train him!


lv 20 Bite

lv 25 Dragon Rage

lv 32 Leer

lv 41 Hydro Pump

lv 52 Hyper Beam

After you have either captured it or defeated it, exit the lake and talk to the guy near the fence in a cape . After talking to him, he will fly away. Now, return to the city to the south. Go into the house just above the Pokémon center and the Gym (it's in between the two). The moment you walk in, you'll see Lance (the guy in the cape that you talked to at the lake above) duking it out with one of the people inside. He will then talk to you and reveal a hidden passageway. Enter it if you are ready and equipped. When you do enter it, you will find yourself in a basement. Every time you pass through one of the golden lion statues, you will have to fight two trainers. You can then go either way you want, there are equal challenges ahead. If you are going to stay left, watch out for the gray lines on the floor. If you step on them, you will have to fight a Pokémon (most likely Koffing). Don't hit the transport square or you will go back to the start. Instead, take the stairs next to it. Now, you are on the 2nd floor where you will meet up with Lance and he will heal your Pokémon. Talk to everyone, battle everyone, then talk to them again and be sure to check every object. After the floor is cleared and you have talked to everyone, go north of the stairs where you came in. Go north of those stairs and you should find another set of stairs, these stairs lead to another part of the 2nd floor . Search the floor and fight anyone there. Be sure to talk to them after the fight too and make sure to once again, search everything. Take the set of stairs at the northwest corner of the room and you will be on the 3rd floor. Once again, battle everyone, talk to everyone before and after battles and search everything. Then go south of the stairs and take the set of stairs to the next floor and grab the Pokéball if you like. Then go back down and take a right at the stairs and down the hallway. You should see a steel divider blocking the next room. If you talked to everyone and searched everywhere, you should be able to open the door by pressing A. If not, then go back and do more searching and talking until the door opens.

Fight the guy inside and he will leave. Inspect his office once for good measure and talk to the bird there, then head back down to the 2nd floor where you saw the other steel door. Open it and go inside to meet Lance again. He will talk and got to the right, you go to the left. Your job is to talk to all three voltorbs and defeat them. After that, Lance will talk to you again. He'll give you HM 6 which allows you to break up whirlpools in the lakes and oceans while swimming. Bingo, you're done. Exit the building, recharge and go to the gym in town that was locked before.

The gym floor is a puzzle. You must slide in the correct order to reach the gym leader. Below is the correct patch, just follow the red line and you should make it.

The boss Yanagi isn't hard as long as you have trained some Pokémon strong against ice. I just used Gyarados. He uses a level 27 Seel, a level 29 Dewgong and a level 31 Inomu. Nothing too tough, just keep your main Pokémon healed with potions.


Alright, so, you've earned your seventh badge and you're anxious to get started on the eighth then zip to the showdown with the elite four. Make sure you get some repellants from the shop where you found the underground lair. They are 500 bucks and begin with a symbol that looks like this " :) ". Trust me, if you hate random battles, you should get a lot of these lil lifesavers, just make sure you have your best pokémon in front. If a wild pokémon matches or exceeds the first pokémon in your line-up, you have to battle it. Now, quit yer lollygagging and go to the east of the city, keep going east until you find around three trainers and a cave on a couple of ledges. Fight your way up and enter the cave.

Make your way through the winding cave until you find a big patch of ice (pictured below). You have to find a way to slide to get to the entrance to your right. Follow the red line in the diagram below.

You should be able to make it with a little practice. Being used to Zelda like puzzles, I loved this cave. Once through, continue east and pick up the Pokéball on the ice, it contains HM 7 which allows watersteps, so you can go up a waterfall blocking your path. Then take the high road on the cliff and continue east until you find a ladder; take it.

Tired of puzzles? Too bad hehe, you have more to come. In this room, you should see stones that you can push using strength. Push each of the four stones into the four different holes. Once done, just jump in one of the holes. If you're having trouble, just center on getting one stone in a hole at a time. There are more than four stones, but they are not needed to put down the holes, they are there to obstruct you.

Once down, slide around, using the newly dropped stones, until you get to the small island in the middle with a ladder and a Pokéball on it. Take the ladder up. If you are having trouble, here's what to do. Go to the strip of land at the upper right hand side with the ladder on it. Stand at the bottom corner of the land and slide left into a rock, then down, then left, then up, then right. You should land at the middle island. Now, take the ladder up.

No puzzles in the next room, just go right until you find another ladder and use it. You'll find another mini puzzle of ice. Go to the right of the room and slide down until you hit the strip of land. Go to the right side of the wall, then take one step left, then jump down off the cliff where you should slide into a rock, then slide left until you hit another small patch of land where a ladder is located at. Use the ladder and go to the next level.

Yet another mini puzzle awaits you on this level. Go right until you find some stairs. Take the stairs and slide down, then right, then up, then left, then up, then left, then down, then left. Continue left until you find a ladder, use it.

Go to the left of the wall, then make one step right, slide down, then right, then down, then left, then down again. You should find the exit, take it.

Go south until you find another town. You can't go to the gym yet, so heal up and refresh your item index. Apparently, Team Rocket is starting up trouble again and you have to battle them. Fly back to the town called Kogame, where you got your bike and found the casino and the third gym leader. Go to the upper left hand corner of the city where you'll find a black tower, where you previously got your radio from. Enter it. Fight your way until you reach the top floor. Beat the man in the black hat and he will give you a key. Exit the building.

Go to the house behind the black tower and you'll find a blue floor and a staircase. Use the stairs. Once below, go south until you find the first passageway leading east. Go down it. You'll find a blue door. Press A and click the first option if there is one. The door should now be unlocked, so go ahead and walk in. Inside, you'll find some stairs, use them to go downstairs.

Keep going left once downstairs and fight the three trainers. There are three blue switches on the wall next to each TR trainer. Each switch opens a certain door or moves a certain wall. You have to switch each one in a specific order to open the iron doors and go to the bottom right corner of the room where a female Team Rocket member awaits you. There is no true combination, the doors are random and you will have to mix and match for a while before the doors and walls move so you can go to the bottom right corner of the room. It took me about 15 minutes to get the correct order. Once you get to the corner and find the female TR agent, fight her and go through the double blue doors. Once through, make your way east until you find some stairs, don't take them yet. Instead, go to the left of them and fight a trainer, then talk to the man in a black hat. He'll give you an item. Now, take the stairs up and you'll find yourself on the bottom floor of the Pokémon shop. Take the elevator to the 1st floor and exit the building.

Go back to the black tower in town. Go to the third floor and keep going right until you reach a thin wall blocking some stairs. Inspect the gray box next to the door with the A button, then choose the first option. The door should now open. Fight the trainer inside and take the stairs. You can fight the two trainers in the floor if you want, otherwise, go to the left and take the stairs there. You should now be on the final floor. Fight the two trainer guards and talk to the guy in the black hat . He'll talk to you for a bit. Now, exit the building with ease now that the trainers are gone. Head back to the city where the 8th gym was, but was locked (the town you found after going through the ice cavern). The gym is now open! Heal up and prepare to fight.

The gym is located in the back of town. Once inside, take the stairs to the next floor, push the rocks in their proper holes. Once done, take the stairs to the right. Follow the path and walk over the rocks. Now you can fight the gym leader, Ibuki . She uses a Kingudora in the mid 30's, a level 37 dragonair (uses fire), a level 37 dragonair (uses electricity) and a level 37 dragonair. Not too bad, just make sure you are well trained. Once you win, you will not receive a badge, you will have to get it yourself.

In order to get the badge, you must go through the cave directly behind the gym, past the small lake. Once in, take the first ladder to the next level and take the door below. You should now be in a large cavern. Go to the left hand side and surf down until you see a wall of stones in the lake. Make sure you are on the left side of them. Keep going south until you see a small whirlpool . If you got HM 6 and taught it to a Pokémon, simply go up to it, press the A button and choose the first option. The whirlpool should disperse and you should be able to proceed south. Go south until you can't go anymore, then go east until you find a small strip of land, do not go there. Instead, go to the strip of land to the northeast of it and pick up the Pokéball there. Apparently, it is the badge. The 8th gym leader will approach you and talk for a bit, then leave. Exit the cave the way you came and go into town.


Fly back to the first town you started at (where your house is at). Talk to the professor at his house, where you received your starting Pokémon. He will give you the ultimate Pokéball, the master ball. It will catch any wild Pokémon, no matter how powerful. Now, you have two options. You can go to the elite four and test your luck, or you can go in search of a rare and highly powerful Pokémon. If you have the Gold version, you will be searching for houou. If you have the Silver version, you will be searching for Lugia. Both are very useful and very hard to find and catch. If you want to go on to the elite four, skip the next section. If you want to catch the rare Pokémon, read on.

To find Houou, go to Enju city. It is the city where you fought the 4th gym leader (the one with all the ghost Pokémon). Go north while in the city and you should find a small pond. Go to the left of it and enter the house there. Find the ladders to the next level until you find one with a checker board floor mad to the right. Go through it, it is a door. Follow the pathway until you reach another temple. Enter it. Go to the back and you should find a staircase in between some Pokémon statues. Take it up to the next floor, go south where you find another staircase.

This is a trick floor with ramps that allow you to jump to the next platform, but never back. Make your way to the northeast corner of the room where you will find a statue. On the next floor, go to the northwest corner and take the stairs there. Go right to a ramp. Jump over to the second platform and take the ramp down to the next platform below. Go take the two ramps to the left, one south, one right, and keep taking the ramp south until you can't go anymore. Then, take the two ramps to your right, then the one south. There, you should find a platform with stairs, take them to the next floor.

Follow the wooden walkway around the room until you find another staircase, take it. Go up, then take a right where you should find a red square, don't take it. Instead, continue east and keep going around the room until you find another red square. Step on it to be transported to the next level. On the next floor, take the transport pad to the south. Then, on the next floor, the one to your left. Next floor, take the one to your left. Finally, you should be on a center platform with a staircase. Take it to the next floor. You should now be on the roof. Make sure your Pokémon are healed, ready to battle, and you have enough Pokéballs. Then, go north where you'll find a bird. Talk to it and you will fight it.

This thing is tough. A water Pokémon and water attacks would work best. try the red gyarados. Houou has a fire attack that will take away a good chunk of your Pokémon's HP. As an added bonus/nightmare, he can heal himself nearly all the way. I used the masterball, since I was in a hurry. If you don't want to use it yet, keep up the attacks until it is nearly passed out, then try to put it to sleep and throw a couple Pokéballs until you've caught it.

For Lugia, fly to the fifth gym leader's city, next to the ocean, where you got HM Fly. Surf to the right and you will find four mini islands blocked by whirlpools. Surf to the upper right island blocked by a whirlpool to the bottom right. Enter the cave on the island. Use flash to brighten things up. Go up until you meet the wall, then go right until you jump off of two ledges and run into the wall. Then, go up to find a staircase, use it. Then, follow the white pathway to another staircase, use it. You should be on a small strip of land nearly surrounded by water. Surf down to the right and down the waterfall. As soon as you land off the waterfall, don't move. Surf on over to the left where you should see a strip of land and a cave entrance on it. Enter the cave. Inside, surf north until you see a bird floating in the water. It is Lugia. Lugia, like Houou, is hard to catch. Just use the same method as with Houou (above).

If you win, good job! Trust me, either will come in handy.


Now, fly back to your starting town, where you got your masterball and starting Pokémon. Once there, go to the ocean to the east of the city and swim. Keep going east until you find an island. There is a cave to the north of the island, enter it. Swim to the left, once inside the cave. You will find a waterfall. If you got HM 7 back at the ice cavern and you taught it to a water Pokémon, go up to the waterfall and press the A button, then choose the first option. You should shoot up to the top, then, head east where you'll find another waterfall, go down it. You will see a cave exit near the bottom right, before leaving, your rival will challenge you. Make sure you are fit to fight and try to go through the door where he will stop you. The red haired rival uses a level 34 Nyuura, a level 36 magneton, a level 36 golbat, a level 35 haunter, a level 35 Kadabra, and a level 38 Bakufun. He's not too tough, but he will probably knock you around some. Just keep it up until you win. Then, exit the cave.

Once outside of the cafe, swim east, find another mainland, and continue east. You will find a white walkway, follow it east, then north. Once it ends, keep going north until you find another white walkway. Follow it north for a while until it leads to a building, at the furthest north of the trail. A man behind a desk will talk to you and ask to see your 8 badges. After that, go north and you will find a door. You should now be in a large cavern. Keep heading northwest until you find a ladder, take it. Then, on the next floor, head northeast where you will find another ladder to the left of a ladder sitting on the ledge. Take the left ladder up to the next level. Now, go north until you find a cave exit at the north end of the cave. You will find another building, it is the house of the elite four.

Inside, there is an item shop, a Pokémon Center, and a PC where you can exchange you Pokémon line-up. There are a few things you should do before going to battle the elite four. Make sure you have your best Pokémon in your line-up, then make sure to heal them. Even though they appear fine, they might have low PP on a certain move. Then, make sure you stock up on super potions that cure 200 HP on a Pokémon. they sell for 1200 and are the third on the list at the item shop in the building. You might also want to get a lot of Super revives that revive a KO'd Pokémon and raise it's HP bar by half. They go for 1500 bucks and are second to last on the item list (they have an "S" symbol at the end of their name). Make sure to take out some ethers and elixirs that you might have stored in the PC. They will replenish PP to a certain move or all the Pokémon's attack PPs. This is useful after about the third battle when your attack's PP is depleted. They start with what looks like " t - t- ". Once you are ready, go to the east, inside the building, then north where you'll find a staircase. Prepare to battle the Elite four!


Lv 40 Neiteio

Lv 41 Jynx

Lv 41 Slowbro

Lv 42 Neiteio

Lv 41 Exeggutor

Itsuki isn't that bad. She uses mainly ice Pokémon with the exception of slowbro and Exeggutor. Stick to your fire or fighting Pokémon, they should take out the other Pokémon in one or two hits.


Lv 41 Araidosu

Lv 42 Muk

Lv 44 Kuroba

Lv 43 Uoretosu

Lv 41 Venemoth

Koga has a good line-up and you might find yourself changing your Pokémon mid battle to gain the advantage. Water attacks seem to work fine though. After some lumps, you should come out victorious.


Lv 41 Pokémon with spike on head

Lv 42 Hitmonchan

Lv 43 Onix

Lv 46 Machamp

Lv 42 Hitmonlee

Manly, Bruno sticks to fighting Pokémon. Psychic and flying attacks have the advantage. Strength works fine and water attacks work great on Onix. Watch out for machamp's rock slide.


Lv 42 Blacky

Lv 45 Gengar

Lv 44 Yamikarasu

Lv 42 Vileplume

Lv 47 Heruga

Use mainly fly, water and strength attacks. Vileplume is strong against fire, so use fly.


Lv 44 Gyarados

Lv 47 Dragonite

Lv 47 Dragonite

Lv 50 Dragonite

Lv 46 Aerodactyl

Lv 46 Charizard

Lance is by far, the best trainer of the elite four...err, now five. He is a dragon trainer so stick to strength and hyper beams. For Aereodactyl, use strength, for Charizard use surf and for the Dragonites, hyper beam works fine.

If you win, congrats, you earned it. After the ending cinema ends, be sure to start up your saved game as normal, but save the game as soon as your saved game loads. If not, your data from the elite four will have not been saved and you will have to beat them again. Now that you think you've beaten the game, guess again. A whole new adventure awaits you! (enter maniacal laugh) ...*ahem* click on the hypertext below to continue.

Now that you've beaten the first half of the game, it's time to explore the second half of it. After beating the elite five, you should be back in your starting city where the professor lives. Make sure that you save your game after the ending credits end. Then, go to the professor's office in town and talk to him. He will give you the SS Anne ticket. Now, exit the building and fly to the town where the sixth gym leader (whom you had to give an item to) lives. Go to the south of the city and you'll find a check-in station. Upon entry, you'll find a staircase in the middle of the room, use it. On the next level, continue south where you'll find another staircase, use it. You should now be on a dock. Follow it south, where you'll find a guy in a blue bandana . Talk to him and choose the first option when one is presented. He will take you down the dock and take you on the SS Anne!

Once on board, you must battle each competitor and talk to everyone. There is a PC in one of the first rooms so you can pick up some potions or another Pokémon once aboard. Once you beat everyone, go to the right side of the boat and take the stairs down. There is a man there, if he does not let you past him, it means that you have not talked to or battled everyone. If he does let you past him, continue west and battle everyone. You might notice that your Pokémon have been healed. Then, you'll find a staircase to the southeast of the walkway. Use it and you should see the captain. Be sure to talk to him, after the girl leaves. Then, return to the first deck and find and talk to the girl, standing next to her father, in one of the cabins. After that, go to the north end of the boat and talk to the guy at the door where you came in. He should allow you to leave. If not, be sure to talk to everyone and try again. Once off, you should now be in the old world, at Vermillion city!

Don't worry, you can always go back to the other side of the map if you want to. Just go back to the place where the elite five are at (at the upper left hand side of the map). You then have to go through the cave and back the way you came. It's kind of long, but you shouldn't need to do it often.

An easier way of getting back is to use the metro. Since you are still in Vermillion city, you can do this, beat surge, head on up and do the second part. Go to the house past below the Poké center, below the lake. Inside you will find a group of people sitting around at a table. You should find a clefairy. Talk to it, then talk to the person in the blue shirt sitting directly above the clefairy. After a lengthily conversation, you will receive a doll. Now, head on up to Saffron city. Head north and in the northwest corner of the city you will find a building to the left of the northern check-in station. The building houses the train station. Do not enter it yet. Instead, head south from it until you see a row of houses. Enter the house second to the end. Inside, you will find two people and a clefairy and a staircase leading to the second floor, use it. On the second floor, you will see a girl with a bird Pokémon. Talk to her. She will give you an item. Exit the house. Now, head directly north of the house to the building that housed the train station. Go north, inside the station, and you will find a guy in a blue hat, talk to him. He will allow you to pass. You will then be taken back to the city where the third gym leader lives, Kogame city. If you wish to go back, just talk to the guy in the blue hat again. It's much easier.

Once in Vermillion city, you can look around, heal your Pokémon and pick up some supplies. Then, you can challenge the gym leader there, Lt. Surge, the electric Pokémon trainer.

Once inside his gym, you'll find three trainers and a large grouping of trash cans. You'll also notice that the door leading to Surge is closed. You must inspect each trash can until the dialogue changes. This means that you have found one of the electronic switches. You now have a one in four chance of finding the next one. It will be within one of the four surrounding trash cans. If the message is the same statement that you usually get when inspecting an empty wastebasket, then you have to start all over again to find the first switch. They will change after every failure. If the message is the same as when you found the first switch, Lt. Surge's door should now be open. Go up to him and challenge him.

Lt. Surge

Lv 44 Raichu

Lv 46 Electabuzz

Lv 40 Electrode

Lv 40 Magneton

Lv 40 Electrode

Don't think you are going to waltz in and wipe the floor with him, he is tough. His magneton is a major annoyance. He will paralyze your Pokémon and bring your actual attack percent to 10%! Bring out rock Pokémon or something strong against thunder attacks. Houou works fine too with his fire attacks.

Next, go north of the city where you'll find a white pathway. Follow it up to the check-in station to the north. Once past, you'll be in Saffron city. There, you can recharge, then continue up to the northeast part of the city where you'll find two gyms. Enter the one to the right. Once inside, you'll find numerous teleportation pads. Step on the first one. There should now be four pads per room. But, a helpful way to get to where you want to go is, if you appear in a room with a telepad above you, take that one. If you appear in a room with one below you, take that one. Eventually, you will find Sabrina.


Lv 46 Efi

Lv 46 Mr. Mime

Lv 48 Alakazam

Sabrina should be pretty easy. Just use plain ol attacks with your strongest Pokémon and you should win.

Now that you have beaten her, go to the mid western part of town where you will find a check-in station. It leads to a small path, then to a city called Celadon City. There is a casino here where you can use the same tokens and get some new items and Pokémon including Eevee for 6,666 tokens! Once done, head south there you'll find a bush blocking a small pathway. Cut the bush and follow the path to the gym.

Inside, you will find Erika, the grass Pokémon trainer.

She isn't bad, just use fire Pokémon.

Once you defeat her, return to Saffron City.

Now, go to the check-in station in the northern center part of town. Keep going up until you find a town. It is called Cerulean city. You should go to the gym there, but you'll find Misty is gone. Instead, go to the 2 step by 2 step square in the room, filled up with water. Go to the bottom left hand side of it and face north. Now, use swim, but don't move. Once you are in the water, press the A button. You will find an item. If not, keep searching there until you find it. Now, exit the gym and go around the gym and another building to get to the right side of the town. There should be a pathway bordered by rocks heading east. Keep heading east until you can't go anymore. You should see a river, go around the rocks and swim in it. Follow it down and around until you see a large building. Enter it. Go to the room to the right with the blue floor and the electrical generators. Talk to the fat man there and he will ask you for the item you found in the gym. Choose the first option. He will thank you. Leave and fly back to Misty's gym. Enter it. Inside, a Team Rocket member will talk to you then run out. Leave the gym and follow the white path above the gym, leading north, until you find a brick walk way. You should see the Team Rocket member again and he will talk and run once more. Continue north on the path until you can start going east. Keep going east, battling the trainers until you find a house. There, you should see a girl and a boy talking. They will have a fight and run off. Now, go back to Misty's gym. Inside, you will find Misty awaiting your challenge. Challenge her to a battle.


Lv 42 Golduck

Lv 42 Upa

Lv 44Lapras

Lv 47 Starmie

Misty isn't tough. Just use electric and fighting Pokémon. No fire or rock Pokémon. I used the red gyarados, due to its water type and used strength on my opponents making for an easy win. You should be able to overpower and defeat her.

Now, go to the east of town, along the same path as before, leading east. Only, this time, don't swim down the river like last time. Instead head south from that point where you'll find a Poké Canter and a cave. Enter the cave and use flash. Head east and you should find a ladder, use them. Now, go to the north eastern corner of the cavern where you'll find another ladder, use it. Head east and you'll find another ladder, use it. Head to the north western part of the cave where you'll find yet another ladder, use it. Then, head south until you should see a cave exit, enter it. Head south once outside and you should find another town, this one called Lavender town.

Head to the large building in the east of town. Inside, you should find a man in a black hat facing the wall. talk to him and he will give you an upgrade for your Poké radio. You must have a radio, which you got at the black tower, where the third gym leader was (in the old world, not in the current world). This upgrade allows you to listen to the Pokéflute. It is the station farthest right on your list of stations.

Now, go to the south of the city and follow the path down. It should be a ways, but finally, you should turn east when you can't go south anymore. Follow the picket fence maze until you can go south. Go south for a bit until the path turns west, then head west. Keep going until you find a check-in station, pass through it. Once past, you should be in Fuchsia city.

The Safari zone is closed and there isn't much else to do here but challenge the gym leader. Head to the southern left-hand side of the city. The gym is next to a Poké center on a ledge. Inside, there are invisible walls forming a maze. If you have a Gameboy Color, you can see the small dividers separating the walls making it easier to navigate past the trainers. You will notice that all the trainers look alike and the gym leader Anzu isn't where Koga was in the Red and Blue versions of the game. Go to the very right-hand side of the room and you will see a person in black pants and a blue headband, she sort of looks like the other girl trainers. Challenge him.

Anzu isn't bad as long as you have some poison cures. Use ground and psychic Pokémon. Houou seems to be effective, but you might want to try your strongest Pokémon. Don't underestimate him though, he can be a pain.

Once you've defeated her, fly back to Vermilion city, where Lt. Surge lives. Go to the lower right-hand corner of town where you'll find a sleeping Snorlax blocking a cave. Go to the menu and choose the fourth option, the Poké watch. Select the radio icon and you will see a radio station selector. Go to the very last station, station 20. You should hear music, it is the Pokéflute station. If you hear nothing, it means that you didn't get the upgrade back in Lavender town. Read the walkthrough on it at Misty's chapter. If you do hear music, press the B button twice. The music should still be playing. You might want to save your game here. Now, walk up to the snorlax and talk to him, he will awaken to challenge you. Snorlax is very rare as only one exists, so catching him is a one time deal.

The hardest part about catching him is trying to lower his HP while not him, you have to watch out for his powerful attacks and life refilling sleep move also. Once you get it within a sliver, throw out as many Pokéballs as you have. You can't put him to sleep, so concentrate on capturing him and playing your chances of containing him. Don't use fire or poison attacks, he might get burned or poisoned. It took me a couple times to capture it.

Once you have either caught it or passed and just KO'd snorlax, enter the cave. Known as Diglett's Cave, it houses many digletts and dugtrios. You can try to catch one if you wish. Their dig attack is particularly effective.

Simply follow the path, nothing hard at all. Once outside, you'll find a bush to the left, cut it and proceed north. Welcome to Pewter city, home of Brock. Heal up and jet on over to the gym above the Poké Center. There, you'll find Brock.


Lv 41 Graveler

Lv 42 Omastar

Lv 44 Onix

Lv 42 Kabutops

Lv 41 Rhydon

Time to break out those water Pokémon like the red gyarados. Use mainly water attacks like surf or hydro pump. Hyper beam is effective also. Plant Pokémon also work fine. If you have mainly fire or electric Pokémon, you might have some trouble.

Now, on to the next challenger. To the right of town, you'll find a pathway leading east. Follow it to a cave. Upon entry, that red haired guy will challenge you.



Lv 41 Nyuura

Lv 42 Golbat

Lv 41 Magneton

Lv 43 Gengar

Lv 43 Alakazam

Lv 45 Bakufun

This guy never gives up. He uses the same strategy and has his bases covered in terms of Pokémon types. You might have to switch Pokémon mid-battle. You should be able to blow through his line-up with only minor problems.

Now, leave the cave the way you came and return to Pewter city, the cave you are in right now only leads to Cerulean city. Once in Pewter city, go south, down the trail, past the winding trees and continue south until you find a city called Viridian city. Giovanni is long gone and his gym is empty. You can go to the building at the upper left of the Poké Shop and go downstairs to fight yourself. Your duplicate uses three Level 50 Pokémon, Bakufun, Meganimu, and Odairu. Not a hard challenge, just make sure you are strong enough and you should win easily. No real treat for winning, just training and you can only do it a few times.

When you're ready, head south to Pallet Town, home of the Red/Blue/Yellow/Green star Ash! No flash photography please. Anyhoo, Ash isn't there, he's off on a Pokémon journey at the moment. Instead, head south until you reach an ocean outlet. Use swim and swim down until you reach an island. There, talk to the guy standing to the upper left-hand side of the Poké Center. Talk to him and he will disappear, it was Gary. After you've talked to him, swim east and swim until you find another island, only smaller. You will find a cave, enter it. Inside awaits Blaine. Challenge him.



Lv 45 Magukaruga

Lv 45 Magmar

Lv 50 Rapidash

Nothing too bad, once again, time to break out the water Pokémon. Red gyarados, again, works dandy and so does Houou if you taught it fly. You should beat him easily after your bout with Lance.

Now, fly back to Viridian City and go to where Giovanni's gym used to be. It is a gym in the northeastern side of town. Inside, it looks like Lego supplied the decorations. Go north and find Gary. If you don't see him, it means that you didn't talk to him back at the island. If you do see him, challenge him to a fight.


Lv 56 Pidgeotto

Lv 54 Alakazam

Lv 56 Rhydon

Lv 58 Gyarados

Lv 58 Exeggutor

Lv 59 Arcanine

Gary is tough. 'Nuff said. You are going to have to change around your line-up many times during battle. I used mainly Houou and the red gyarados and beat him after a bit. Make sure you have a well rounded line-up to match his just in case you're having trouble. If you keep having trouble, it's time to train your Pokémon more. My strongest Pokémon was at level 58 or so, my Houou was at level 51 and the rest were waaaaaay behind, but I was in a hurry and my strategy doesn't include a strong offense.

Once you beat him, go back to Pallet town and go to the building at the south end of town. Inside, you'll find Professor Oak in the back. Talk to him and he will rate your Pokédex. make sure that you talk to him, it is necessary. Now, return to Viridian city.

Once in Viridian city, go to the left of town and you'll find a walkway leading west, follow it to a check-in station. Once inside, go west where you'll find a passageway leading west. The pathway was previously blocked by a guard. Once you go down the path and enter through the door, you will find yourself on another trail. Head west until you see a Poké center. This is a good place to heal up your Pokémon before the ultimate battle. Make sure you have lots of repellants, because you don't want to be weakened by wild Pokémon before the battle. There are numerous highly trained wild Pokémon lurking about.

To the left of the Poké center, you will find a cave, enter it. Use flash to see better. Go to the northeastern corner of the room where you will find another cave entrance, enter it. Follow the trail north, where you'll find another cave entrance, enter it. Keep going up until you find a boy with his back turned to you. It is Ash. Get your items and Pokémon in check for the battle of your life!


Lv 81 Pikachu

Lv 77 Blastoise

Lv 73 Eefi

Lv 77 Snorlax

Lv 77 Venusaur

Lv 77 Charizard

Most of you should be able to make it through Pikachu, Blastoise and Eefi easily, but Snorlax was totally unexpected. He is very powerful, has an amazingly high HP and can sleep to refill his HP bar. No use putting him to sleep. I couldn't get by him, my strongest attacks didn't do as much as it did to the others. My Pokémon line-up was: a lv 60 red gyarados, a lv 53 Houou, a lv 7 Uupa, a lv 4 Otachi, a lv Hoo Hoo and a level 33 Butterfree. I clearly needed a new battle plan. While walking around, I battled a wild Lv 45 Muuma. Something hit me, Snorlax uses physical attacks and what doesn't effect a ghost Pokémon? Physical attacks! I went back to challenge Ash again, this time with a new battle plan. I used Houou to knock out Pikachu without a scratch, Ash kept using potions on Pikachu, the red gyarados on Blastoise, hyper beam was effective. I used the red gyarados again on the Eefi and up came snorlax. I quickly switched to Muuma and let Snorlax try his physical attacks, proving worthless as planned. Now, I had a moment to regroup. I used his inability to hit Muuma to refresh any downed or injured Pokémon. I then used confusion, hp drain, and switched to Gyarados. Snorlax would only be confused for two more rounds, so I moved fast. I used a hyper beam before he lost confusion, then landed one more hyper beam before Gyarados was taken out. I switched back to Muuma and hit him with another confusion. He hit himself, knocking his HP down to 1 pixel width and I finished him off with a psychic blast.

Ah, it's all downhill from here. I switched to my Houou and fire blasted Venusaur back to the cold age and when Charizard stepped out, I used fly. Fire attacks would be worthless, but wind is another story. Three hits later and he was KO'd. I beat Ash.

After another ending, make sure to save your game. Now, nothing much to do except fill up that Pokédex.

You can catch the second mystical bird. If you have gold, you can catch Lugia and if you have Silver you can catch Houou! Simply go to Pewter city and talk to the old man, somewhere in Pewter city. He will give you a feather, depending on which version you have, either gold or silver feathers. Now, go back to the walkthrough on catching the mystical bird and have fun! However, if you saved up your masterball, you will be better off. These birds are at Lv 70 now and are tough to beat. You might want to cast your most powerful attack first, put it to sleep and gradually knock off chunks of its HP, then throw some ultraballs. You should have a tough battle, but it's well rewarded!

The End



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