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Pokémon Stadium Tips
Submitted by Sharon

Just as in its predecessors, Red, Blue, and Yellow, it is possible to get ahead of the competition on Stadium.

Yours vs. Rental
If you own Red, Blue, or Yellow, use your own Pokémon! Only if you absolutely have to should you use the rental available in the game. Why? Well, first off, although the game states all 151 Pokémon are available, they do not allow you to borrow Mew or Mewtwo for the tournaments. The second, and the thing that probably concerns trainers the most, is that rental Pokémon know limited attacks. The Venusaur knows Solarbeam, a grass attack, but it doesn't know a quick-strike grass attack such as Razor Leaf. You have to turn to its devolved forms for that. Another thing is, if you want to use rental in the Prime Cup, you're basically beat. All the Rentals available for Prime and Poké Cups are at level 50. If you head into battle at the Poké Cup, where opponents range from levels 50-55, you may have a good deal, but put them in the Prime Cup and even the type advantages will begin to slowly fade away. If you do use Rental, make sure you look at what attacks they know. It's useless to pick a fire, or any other, type that doesn't know very strong attacks.

About Advantages
Yes, advantages are in effect in this game, but don't take them for granted! Water has a big advantage over rock, but that doesn't mean you should use less than Hydro Pump and hope it will work! For all you know, your opponent has been taught Fissure. If you want the edge on advantages, use the highest attacks possible.

Another Advantage
In the Gameboy games, there are certain types that psychic doesn't even scar, but in Stadium, if you use an attack such as Psychic or Psybeam, you'll find that most of the time it will KO any opponent. Many are saying "If you have Mew, teach it Solarbeam, Hyperbeam, etc." but I say, if you have Mew, let it learn Psychic and Metronome, then teach it Psybeam and Fly. There's no use in using an attack like Hyperbeam, finding out in only took away half of your opponents HP, then waiting a turn for your Pokémon to recharge when you could have had two Psychic blasts.

About Those One-Hit Attacks (ie Fissure and Horn Drill)
Fissure and Horn Drill are both KO attacks, designed to knock-out your opponent with one hit. It is very wise to use a Pokémon that knows these attacks. You will find that in the Master Ball version of the Prime Cup, the fourth trainer's Pokémon all know these attacks, making it very difficult to beat. In the Gameboy game, you had about a 1 out of 10 chance of Fissure or Horn Drill actually working, however, in Stadium, the odds are in your favor if you're on the attacking side, and, if you're defending, you'd better bring out a Pokémon you don't need. I'd say the odds are about 1:4 that it'll work. If you are attacking, use it on an opponent such as Mew or Mewtwo, or something that has high damage waiting to be hammered at you.

More tips are coming!!

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