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Pokémon Stadium Tips, Part 2
Submitted by Sharon
In playing the mini-games all day I realized that some of them were quite challenging! (Heh heh...) Here are strategies for each of the nine mini-games.

Magikarp's Splash
The object is to jump up and hit the counter. To jump high, hold down the A button. The key to non-stop hits is to hold down A on the first jump, when it hits, let go. Then, just as the Magikarp hits the ground, hold A again. Continue doing this until you have a pattern going. I found this worked incredibly well against all computer opponents, even if it's your first time playing that mini-game, but when it comes to people, make sure you have a good handle on it.

Clefairy Says
This is a memory game. The object is to watch as the Clefairy teacher puts up arrow directions on the board. The first couple of times you do it, you'll probably be lost, as I was. Get a feel for the game first, and then come back, ready with the tip I'm about to give you. If you learn things visually (you learn quicker by watching) then you've got it made. Watch and store the visual image of the arrows in your memory. For those of you who are audio learners (you learn quicker by hearing yourself or someone else say the info) say the arrows aloud when they are displayed, then say them as you press the buttons when you're told. If you are a hands-on learner (one who needs to be doing something to learn) you'd better be a quick writer. Get an index card and pen and write down the arrows. Can't lose with that one!

Run, Rattata, Run
The object is to be the first Rattata to win. Tap A repeatedly to run and the up arrow key to jump over the hurdles. The big key to victory is to time your jumps. Watch ahead and see when a hurdle is coming. Take off on your leap right before you reach the hurdle. If you hit it, wait until the Rattata gets done shaking its head before you press A again. Otherwise, Rattata will wind up stopping for longer than you want.

Snore War
The object of this one is to hit A when the pendelum swings over the red line. Watch carefully, but not too hard! You might wind up asleep like the Drowzee! (^_^) At the beginning, it's pretty easy to tell when it's going to pass over the line, but when it speeds up, you have no means of telling when it hits! This is time for the last resort, just tap, tap, tap and hope you've got it right! I know, that wasn't a good tip, but frankly, I think Snore War is the least fun out of the mini-games.

Thundering Dynamo
The object of this one is to be the first to make the lamp come on. The button on the lamp turns two colors, Blue and Green. The colors match what buttons you should push to charge the electricity and fill up the status bar. Push A when the light is Blue, press B when the light is green. The best hint I can give you is to keep tapping and learn the colors. Play the game a few times and see if you can improve your hand-eye coordination, then go at it again. Make sure you don't press the wrong button too many times, though. It drains your electricity.

This is one of my favorite games! The object is to eat the most expensive Sushi and run up the highest bill. Pay attention to the chart at the beginning of the game that tells you how much each Sushi costs. When the game starts, look for the top two most expensive ones. They're sort of red and reddish-orange in color. Make your way to those plates and block out the other Likitungs. If you can, eat the same of the expensive ones several times to get more points. Toward the end, look for a Sushi that appears a lot, such as the black and white one. Eat many of those and if possible, stand in one spot and wait for the same type to come to you.

Ekans' Hoop Hurl
What you have to do here is much like ring toss. Toss your Ekans around one of the Diglett. To aim, use the direction pad, to throw, pull back on the joystick. For close ones (the ones right in front of you) just tap the joystick. For medium distance, pull back a little farther, and for those ones way out on the edges, pull back some more. Don't pull back all the way unless your target is at the corner diagonal from you, and even then, make sure you're aiming well. With the exception of the gold ones, all Diglett are worth one point. The gold are worth two.

Rock Harden
Press the A button to make your Metapod or Kakuna Harden to avoid being hit by the boulders. This may sound simple, however, Harden consumes HP, so use it wisely. Watch the rock shadows and hold down A right before the edge of the shadow touches you. Let go right after the boulder breaks. For boulders that come in succession quickly, hold down the A button.

Dig! Dig! Dig!
In my opinion, this is the simplest of all the games. All you have to do is tap the R and L buttons repeatedly to make Sandshrew dig. The first one to reach the water wins. The key, I think, is to not really pay attention. If you concentrate too much on pushing the buttons in the right order and not pushing one twice, you'll be more likely to mess up. Test yourself before the game on pushing the buttons in the right order, because if you push a button twice, Sandshrew will stop and you will lose valuable time.

More tips still coming!!! Detailed Strategy for the Pika Cup!

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