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Pokémon Yellow Walkthrough
Submitted by Piccolo

You'll Start Out Like The Beginning Of Red And Blue But When You Get Out Of Ton And The Prof. Comes A Pikachus Challenges The Prof.! After This You'll Go Back To The Lab And Who's There...??? Gary Oak You Long Time rival.Prof. Oak tells you to get the pokeball on the table but Gary shoves you out and get its!! Now Prof. Oak will give you the pikachu adn when you try and leave Gary will battle you with his eevee.kill him and head north to virdian! While your walking, you'll see a boy at the left. He's from the Pokemart. Talk to him, and he will give you a potion for a sample. Keep going until you get to the next town.

Now you can either go to the PKMN Center and heal your pkmn and then save, or you can get the Deliver something.. . Go to the Pokemart and the seller will ask if your from Pallet. Then he will give you "Oak's Parcel". Go back to Prof.Oak. Back. Back Again To Viridian!( Like Blue And Red )

Viridian Forest
( B4 You Go U Might Wanna Battle Gary! Req: Atleast A Level 9 -10 Pokemon! Any Lower You DEAD!!! ) Head north to get here. In this forest, trainers will challenge you. There will be 3 items here: at the start in the forest, go left and you will find an item. Another is near the northern area. The last one is near the last trainer.(Pokemon U Should Have Nidoran(M/F), Mankey Should Be Good As Lon As Its High Leveled Against Brock Atleast a Level 15-20 Mankey!And A Butterfree(ButterFree Is Easy To Raise And Dependable When It Comes To Strong Psychic Attacks! )

Pewter City
Now go to the pkmn center and heal your pkmn, and you should have a nidoran male or female with the attack, Double Kick,Mankey That Knows Karate Chop, Or A Butterfree That Knows Confusion It Will Take A lot Of Damage!(they will come in handy against Brock)

Badge: Boulder Badge

Geodude: use the nidoran and use double kick the whole time and it should die fast.

Onix: same as geodude, but if your nidoran dies, use Butterfree.

You just got your first badge and a TM, Bide. Now on to Misty for your 2nd badge!
Start heading East from pewter into route 3. You will face pkmn of course, and then you will get to a pkmn center. Heal your pkmn and start heading into Mt. Moon...

Mt. Moon
When you enter, you can go west to get the items, or just go east to get out. Keep going north and then take a turn left, and don't go through the first ladder. When you get to the ladder near the guy, go in that one.Now at the other end, go east and follow the trail. You may fight a few TR's. Now when you get to the guy with fossils, beat him and take one. Now when you get near the end, Jessie and James will stop you and battle( Recommend A Level 20-25 Pokemon to have a quick battle....)

Jessie and James
Ekans: use your pikachu or pidgey or nidoran.
Meowth: same as ekans.
Koffing: ground type will do best.

After beating them head all the way to Cerulean. Bulbasaur is what we want to get, so head to the house near the pkmn center and you will see a girl with a bulbasaur. If your pikachu is in a good mood and happy, she will give you bulbasaur!
Now to fight Misty...

Staryu: use your pikachu and it should be at a high level ( Atleast 22-30).
Starmie: use pikachu.

That was pretty much the easiest battle since you have your pikachu with you! Now you have 2 badges: boulder & cascade. Now to get a 3rd badge...

Routes 24 and 25
Head north to nugget bridge, and you will face your rival:Gary

Spearow LV20( I Think? ) Use A Mankey Or Nidoran (M/F)!
Sandshrew LV15: NOT Pikachu...Nidoran, Butterfree, Or Mankey instead.
Rattata LV15: any pkmn or Mankey is my choice.
Eevee: easy. any pkmn( Recommend You Weakest To Battle To Level It UP! And Switch It If Its About To Die! ).

Now after that keep going and fight five people(More Like 6! ) on the bridge to get a nugget DON'T FOGET TO ASK THE GUY AT THE LEFT CORNER FOR A CHARMANDER!, NOW head to Bill's house. Talk to him , help him and he'll give you a ticket now go back to town( Every1 Should Know The Short CUT ). Now head south...

route 5
You can go to the daycare and give the man a pkmn to take of here( I Dont Recommend It Though Because The Pknm Will be very weak compared to ones you raise by yourself ), or just go to the underground path to continue your journey. now you will get to route 6, head south to virmilion city.

Virmilion City
Now that you got the ticket to get on the S.S.Anne from Bill, you should board it to continue your journey. Fight some trainers for EXP( I Recommend Level 25 -30 Pkmn ), and then get to the captain's area...but you will get stopped by Gary again...
Rattata LV16
Sanshrew LV18
Eevee LV20

After beating him go to the captain, and you will get TM01, CUT.
Head out and to the gym, but to get there you have to use cut. When you get in, you will see that you have to find the code.

Lt. Surge
Raichu LV28: use a sandshrew or sandslash so you got best chances of winning, because then it can't attack with many moves.

After beating him, you got 3 badges! Talk to the Officer ( I Think It Officer Jane )to get squirtle! now for the 4th badge.

Route 11
Head East and into the cave, Diglett's Cave. When you get through the end, start heading back all the way to Cerulean City. Now head East instead of south and get to rock tunnel.

Rock Tunnel
( Req: An Electric Pkmn With Flash! )It's a very long tunnel, but very easy to navigate since only 2 ladders exist on each floor(which is the ladder you came from and the one you go through). You will get to lavender town. Here you can go to this house where you can rename/nickname your pkmn. The PKMN Tower is here, but we will get to that later. Head West to route 8 and into the underground path. Now you should get all the way to Celadon City...

Celadon City
To get Eevee, go north in the town and behind the buildings, then you will get into a building and all the way to a room. A pokeball is there, which contains eevee.( I Recommend Evolving Eevee Into Jolteon Hes Stronger Than Pikachu! )
The big PokeMart is here, which you can buy alot of good things. And the Exchange corner is here in town, where you can play the slots. Buy some water in the mall and give it to the guards for later on. Lets go to the gym for the 4th badge.

Tangela LV30: use flying, ice, fire, bug, or poison types for all of them to kill her pkmn fast.
Weepinbell LV32
Gloom LV32

You just got your 4th badge. now on the way to the 5th. Go to the game corner and talk to the TR member(in black) near the back of the room.You'll Half to battle him though. Press the switch on the poster, and head right into the basement. Go down the staircase next to the one you came from, and then take the next staircase you find. In the next room, go through all area's to find items and the Lift key. Now head back to the first floor and go south to the elevator. Ride it to the B4F and you will face Jessie and James again...

Jessie and James
Koffing LV25: at every time you face these guy's, use the same pkmn or powerful/fast types.
Meowth LV25
Ekans LV25

Now you will be facing Giovanni...

Onix LV25-27: use nidoran or it's evolved form or squirtel.
Rhyhorn: psychic, flying, and water
Persian: any pkmn will do as long as its high leveled

After beating him and getting the Sliph Scope, head out to Lavender Town, but remember to heal your PKMN. In the pkmn tower, get to the top and save Mr.. fugi. But you will get encountered by Gary along the way...

Fearow LV25: pikachu will do the job.
Shellder LV23: pikachu again, job done!
Vulpix LV22: Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise will easily take it out.
Sandshrew LV20: Use a psychic, bug, water.
Eevee LV 25: anything, it's a normal type

And at the top you will face Jessie and James...

Jessie and James
Meowth LV27: any, normal type.
Arbok LV27: it evolved, not much a deal, easy to beat still. Pikachu can slam it to death.
Weezing LV27: pikachu's slam does come in handy!

Now get out of the tower and you should go back to fugi in his house and you will get the pokeflute. Head west and NOT through the underground path, just go west through the building.

Saffron City
Go north to the 2 gyms and go to the one that's not blocked. The Fighting Pokemon GYM. At the end, you will fight the leader and be able to pick from hitmonchan or hitmonlee( I recommend Hitmonchan! He Has Element Attacks! Very handy! ). Now go to the big building with a TR member blocking the entrance. Talk to him and then go in

Silph Co.
go through the first ladder, then the one next to it, then the same, and then stop. go down to the lower left near the middle and then go through the warp in it.Now you will face Gary...AGAIN!


Sanshrew LV38: nidorino or nidorina or the evolved stages...alakazam is good too.
Ninetails LV35: Squirtle or one of it's evolved forms.
Cloyster LV37: pikachu is a good bet.
Kadabra LV35: use a powerful pkmn.
Eevee LV40: It should have evolved by now, so use pikachu on vaporeon, squirtle or evolve form on flareon, and for jolteon...sanshrew/sandslash is a good.

Now talk to the guy in that room he he will give you a Lapras. Go in the next warp and you will face Jessie and James again

Jessie and James Weezing LV31
Arbok LV31
Meowth LV31

Now keep going until you get to a door, and then go in it. Now you will have to fight Giovanni.

(Req:40-50 pkmn )

Nidorino: Psychi or ground .
Rhyhorn: Squirtle or evolved form will do.
Nidoqueen: Ground.
Persian: anything

Now after beating him, he will leave. Talk to the person there and you will receive the Mastér Ball. Now go to lavender Town and head South to route 12.

Route 12
Along the way you will stumble across a Snorlax. Play the Poke Flute if you want to try to capture it. Snorlax will wake up(in a grumpy mood) and attack you. Either catch it or kill it.I Recommend Kill IT You'll Have another change and you'll need high level pokémon against the next gym!
Now keep on going to route 13, and the 14, all the way to Fuchsia City.

Fuchsia City
Use your rod to try to catch a gyarados. After that, get ready to fight the 6th Gym Leader, Koga( The Poison Ninja N/M )

(Req:45-50 pkmn)
Venonat LV44: use flying type, since it's part poison type or Fearow with peck and peck it!Or Some sort Of Psychic Or Flying Type.
Venonat LV46: same as first one.
Venonat LV48: same as first one.
Venomoth: harder than the first 3.

After beating Koga, head to the safari zone.

Safari Zone
Get in the safari zone, and after you pay.Go East to get to area 1, and go all the way to the first steps. Now go up the steps and take a left. Now go north up to the next steps and go up that all the way to the end. Now go around all the way to the next area.
1.Now go left and up the steps, but not the first ones. Now go south after the steps and you will get to area 3. Now go south and then up the steps and then off. Go north and use surf. Go in the house and get your prize.

After that, Go to Fuhsia near the bottom area and head west.( that house is where you can surf once we get stadium! )

Routes 16,17 & 18
Head west on cyclin road, all the way to the top. Now go in the building and go up and then left. Outside, go in the house. A girl in there will give you HM02, FLY( If You Dont tell her secret place. ). Now go back into celadon city. Head back to cerulean city and onto route 9. Go near the edge of the river in the northern part. Surf all the way down to the power plant and go in(be sure you have alot of pokeballs, ultra balls, great balls) now go through the area fighting/catching pkmn and getting items until you get to the end. You will see the electric bird, Zapdos. Before fighting him, save your game. Now fight him.

Put zapdos to sleep, and paralyze it. Then start getting it's HP very very low. Now try using alot of ultra balls to catch it.( I Used Pikachu's Thunder wave and used a pokeball and actually caught it with a regular ball!)

Back at fuchsia City, you can go south and surf to seafoam islands to catch the articuno(pushing boulders in all the holes to get out and reach the end ad articuno), or you can just skip it and go fly to pallet and surf south. Since the seafoam islands is just pushing boulders( But I Highly recommend doing this to get it over with! when you become a mastér you wont like doing this! believe I did it a hated it ),go to pallet, surf south, all the way to Cinnabar island.

Cinnabar Island
Go in the mansion(near the right) and you will have to open up switches and get to the key to the gym. Keep finding the way, and then get the key. You will have to go to the higher floors, and then go to this one area near the bottom of the third floor. Now jump down in this blue/black area, and then defeat this trainer in the basment. Then open the door, and get the key at the end. Now get out and go to the gym...( Used A Pkmn with teleport or an escape rope to get out fast! )

( Req: all pokémon's should be level 70 )
Ninetails LV48: Use squirtle or another water type.
Rapdash LV50: water type.
Arcanine LV 54: use a powerful and fast water type, and use hydro pump against it.
Now On To The Last And Yet Easies Gym Leaders.........Wanna Know Who??? Starts with a G And ends with ni! Come on guess! Its

Dugtrio LV50: Use a psychic, bug, or water to wipe it out.
Persian LV53: any powerful pkmn will do.
Nidoqueen LV53: Use psychic type ground or water.
Nidoking LV55: Same as nidoqueen.
Rhydon: water type will work.

Finally after beating the last gym leader, your ready for the elite four.
Head West and you will have to go through some spots where you
get asked to see a certain badge and then go through. Now you will enter a cave. get through that and you will be at the Indigo Plateau. Heal your pkmn and get the best ones out, and buy a few things like full retores or max heals and max revives. Now go into the doors and into the first battle...

Elite 4!
( Req: level 70- 80 pkmn! ) any lower and it will be tuff!

Not Recommended To USE Plant!
Dewgong LV54: use a fire type, or electric type will do best
Cloyster LV 53: electric
Slowbro LV54: I Prefer electric
Jynx LV56:Fire type will roast this jynx, use fire spin.
Lapras LV56: Electric!

Next is Bruno, use water and Flying for best chances.


Onix LV53: blastoise will kill it easily with hydro pump.
Hitmonchan LV55: use a Flying type that knows FLY or Psychic.
Hitmonlee LV55: Same as CHAN.Machamp LV58: Flying To Psychic

Gengar LV56: Psychic Type Will Do Best!( Alakazam and so on! )
Golbat LV57: Psychic Or Flying
Haunter LV55: Psychic
Arbok LV58: Psychic
Gengar LV60: Psychic

Lance( The Dragon Trainer )
Highly Recommended To Have A Dragon Type Pokémon With You!
Gyarados LV58: try pikachu's thunder attack or jolteon if you have it!
Dragonair LV56: If Any Of You Water Types Knows ICE Beam Use It And It Will Do A Lot Of Damage!
Dragonair LV56: same as first dragonair.
Aerodactyl LV60: Electric
Dragonite LV62: Dragon

You Can Now ENTER The Unknown Dungeon! And capture Mewtwo!

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